Friday, October 31, 2014

from the net

charmed by our fans. One kid showed up as me for Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Just found out the Pope now endorses the Big Bang as fact.

First of all...Eff You Pope! That isn't good enough.
If your first sentence doesn't start with "On behalf of our organisation we are dreadfully sorry we (among many other things) executed Galileo Galleli (for suggesting the planets revolve around the sun)."  it's meaningless to me.
Without a profound apology for (off the top of my head) at least...
1. Deliberately keeping millions of people stupid for hundreds of years.
2. Setting folks up for slaughter for selfish/corporate/military reasons.
3. Obliterating indigenous cultures and enslaving the people, erasing histories.
4, Irresponsibly misleading people about sexuality, reproductive health, the environment and diseases.'s coming across to this clown like Hot Topic parroting what the kids are doing just to stay relevant.

Our good people deserve better than that.

I would advise folks to stay away from any and all popes if they don't want to get corporate cult on them.

Second of all.. I crashed my bike this morning.
 I have some scrapes but the bike is fine so I'm fine. I was rolling to get coffee when I spotted a man sporting a perfect "Jesus mullet". Unable to stop staring I careened into the bushes. Amen
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Sunday, October 26, 2014

This guy decided to use his car as a shovel to push Olive into a ditch. We just did a b-day party for one of the hardest working volunteers at Cafe Au Play. We had our gear in the driveway watching our bus leave without us. He rolled up and laid on the horn like it was rush hour. Nobody was behind him but when Olive didn't move fast enough, he floored it shoving Olive me and all our gear into the bushes. I couldn't get over what a horrible person he was until I actually saw something worse, He was picking one of the kids up! Someone trusted this douchenozzle with children! I was livid but I didn't have the same options available to me that I had in Texas so all I could do was yell. People were pulling me back saying not to confront him because he is a lawyer...he seemed to agree "You bitches can't do anything!" 

and he peeled out the whole time swearing and calling Olive names. I backed off when the guy with the Teamsters shirt hollered for everyone to shut up and chill out. No matter how heated I get, I'm not gonna piss off the Teamsters. 
Anyway, I'm really angry right now...and I don't care at all that he is a lawyer. I saw attempted vehicular assault. I feel most sorry for the kid he picked up. Olive is still pretty shaken up.

We were in his way  that was our crime. In the parking lot of all places. when we didn't get out of the way fast enough he swatted us off, then we dove back to save our music stuff and he rolled on us again. We can't afford to lose our stuff (it's the most expensive thing we own and it pays the rent). Every day Just like everyone else we dodge cars getting around. This was the first time ever seeing a driver actually aiming for us. Too bad our bikes were miles away at the time. In the end we didn't get hurt and this post raised awareness about bullies so I'm happy. Olive is pretty grumpy about this guy endangering all the little kids that orbit us (including his own) in a cafe space dedicated to kids and safety.

my boy

My 8 Y.O. is really into his trigger happy vid game. I asked "Are you going to join the army when you grow up?" He looked at me like I'm the dumbest monkey on the beach. "Um Dad...I'm already a commander."

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Glad we could take our little boy camping

So he could enjoy video games in the fresh air as nature intended.

Olive's Birthday and we visit Little Big Burger

It's Olive Rootbeer's birthday! we spent some of it performing at or reglar Friday 3pm Storytime at Pie Spot Pie shop. Annie brought her a cake! We were double thrilled when we noticed the tip jar far more full than that many people unusually  generate. Thank you anonymous friend with deep pockets. Thank you Annie and family!

We stopped at Little Big Burger on the way home.
Olive doesn't eat that kind of stuff so I was grateful that she has just as much fun watching me eat stuff (providing she isn't starving).


The manger offered us free food if we could make a balloon burger. When he asked, we were already in the throws of gifting the whole crew balloons, so our balloon stuff was out. 
Olive laid into the challenge. Her motto" anything worth doing is worth over engineering" she upped the game to ":burger wand of pleasantness" .

They accepted it with appropriate poise and pomp.

Like what we do? Here is our virtual tip jar

Today a soused home bum walked into our 2nd show.

 Eye lids swollen with alcohol, filthy beard, a grimy dress over muddy sweats. He made a bee line to us and announced to the kids that he has been homeless for over 30 years. He had a huge smile and arms raised like he was crossing a finish line. In the awkward silence I wanted to say "OK kids if you want to know what not to do please feel free to ask our crusty friend here after the show" He ran out and into the road where he screamed at every car that didn't give him anything. I wanted to feel sorry for him but he was doing great. In the time we were there people gave him money and cigarettes. There were only 3 kids at our show so we made nothing. At this rate, I may take his class!

Had we not already started the show, I would have repelled him. 
One time after we had started a show, a bum hid crunched down in the crack of the open door . He was calling a 2 year old outside of the crowded cafe saying "C'mere little one".
 I just saw three flashes, 
A parent, the cafe owner and Olive. 
They flew by me in a blur and were on him like ugly on a gorilla. 

 It felt great to know I'm not actually the most fierce person in the room
...not even the second.