Sunday, September 21, 2014

taco hell no.

Can I ask you a personal question? How much should a taco cost? We just went to a taco place. Olive wondered why I only ordered 1 taco. "It cost more than twice what I normally pay so I want to see it stand on it's own". Well..cold tortilla, grumpy looking meat and mystery goo, at least it took a long time. Not trying to diss anyone but I gotta call it fair, as I see it. The best part of lunch was the part I brought with me. The Olive was great! She was happy with her $6 beans and rice. I think what you are paying for here is to not have to eat near folks who don't have a lot to pay. Maybe it's my fault for being a sober Latino? I tend to prefer food trucks when I'm hungry; because food trucks are also hungry.

 lol, I don't begrudge anyone doing well, If you can charge what you want, go for it. 
I'm happy for them being able to set the bar. Outside of clowning I have 20 years restaurant experience and i know staying in the black is really hard sometimes. I just personally gotta fight for every dime I get so I'm hip to telling my own similar economied friends to hit up a cart ...or go down the street the the Whole bowl if you don't have a lotta bread for beans.

There is a difference between a Mexican, and Mexican themed. I remember the truck on Powell and 50th didn't have hardly any biz compared to Taco bell across the street. The truck had great food at reasonable prices. He would even slice some avo for you while the kids across the street are flailing calking guns full of chemicals. The truck is gone and Taco Hell still has custies lined up head to butt all day. crazy.

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