Saturday, August 16, 2014

My birthday

Yup, flowers and a card waiting for me. Nice to see our favorite little family home from England and Alabama. Also, a nice man hand delivered a hug and a heart felt message of encouragement.

We locked our bikes up with no key.
Gotta bus home and back BOOOO!

We must have looked pitiful because we were quickly scooped by a grandmother and grand daughter who had just been at our show.

Pleasant ride to and back with grandma. It was on the way home that a man decided to pick a fight with me. I tried to ignore him but as soon as he got Olive riled up I had to get "confrontee". In the end he (and his friends) agreed that breaking our stride was the worst possible decision and a flood of emphatic apologies is the only way to stop a tragic chain of events. Olive rode home looking at me like I just gave Darth Vader a swirly. Compared to my own hometown friends, I'm a total wuss but vs most neighborhoods outside of Corpus Christi, I have quite a large, full tool box at my disposal to deal with such instances.

 We loped off into the neighborhood to find some kids to share this cake with. Pretty soon we were surrounded. Some kids we know, some kids we own and some kids we never seen before (Because Ethan was pulling folks off the street). All good for me. Made some friends and hung out with newly met neighbors. Thank you Foley family for letting us infiltrate your back yard.

Cards at an earlier birthday gathering with Olive's side of the family came with a stack of cards. In all of them was money. I thought."Do they think I'm 9?" but then when it was all tallied it was the price of a part of my wedding duds. I took it as a sign that I'm loved and accepted. Best Birth day present of all. Second best was the cash raised online for a new guitar, thanks for posting that Olive.

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