Sunday, August 31, 2014

scavenger hunt Portland 2014

Fun people doing fun things.
I went back to the neighborhood where 15 years ago or so, my Portland Story began (North P-town) to volunteer at a bike event. It's scavenger hunt day! Put on by the Portland bike scouts, it was a fantastic use of an afternoon.

They had a flash, DIY trophy and a ton of amazing prizes.

I did a double take when I noticed where the hunt was staging. 
A long time ago, this building was just an ugly one room scrap heap with a dangerous lack of handrails. 
It was an old warehouse that we had circus practices back in the day.
Now it's a really sharp, non-profit org / brewery, wow. We loved the food and the crew was super tight too. Loved the decor.

A week ago or so, the Scouts put the word out asking for volunteers. 
When i responded they asked that I be a greeter.
Olive was stoked to join in too so we took a couple of buses up to No-Po.
We would have brought the big bikes but it was also kid day and they don't bike as fast or as far as Olive and Dingo..yet anyway. We met up with our kids and jumped right in.

I spotted our contact, the great Ayleen Crotty and her colleague Matt. They were the ringleaders of this situation...with help from Otis the dog I'm sure.

Then the teams began arriving.

 I asked my son to walk around saying "Hi I'm Bruc, can I take a picture for the internet?" Bruce was pretty good at getting the pic and the laugh. We call him Bruc because that's how he used to spell his name when he was little. He loved interacting with some of Portlands finest, bikey denizens.

 The delivery of the manifests!

Yeah so a great time was had by all. We got explore old territory and new chapters, hang out with friends and show our family how fun Portland is. Who won? No idea, We were in charge of beginnings, but Olive wants to make it a point to participate next year for the whole pickle.

                             I'm also extra stoked that we got bike scout patches for participating!!
like what we do?