Saturday, July 26, 2014

2014 Division street parade

Click this pic for a larger version. 
We made it to the parade! Team O&D were joined by B.B. the capt. of our fan club (and her Mom and sis) it was a grand parade.


Then grumbles started as everyone around us realized that a huge empty dump truck would be in the parade. Everything was human powered, healthy , sustainable, then this big thing in the middle blocking the view of the front of the parade. It was correct to be there though, it's a perfect symbol of the neighborhood changing hands from "townsfolk" to "Clientele". To it's credit, the applause break that came when the crowds wondered if the truck had made a wrong turn cleansed the palate so they cheered their heads off when they saw us.

The apple seemed to be cool with it. :)

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