Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Once upon a time in Minneapolis

Once upon a time in Minneapolis, i was a dishwasher in a dreadful corporate chain restaurant.
Just a punk from Texas trying to get rent and beer together.
 I never had it together enough to hold on to my ID . Come payday I would have to ask my co-worker to help me cash my check by signing for it at the bank. Upon seeing his id I noticed letters after his name. Like PHD. He told me a little bit about his extensive schooling.As time went on I noticed he was just a normal guy who did a fine job at dishwashing but also kept to himself.
One day I had to ask him "Hey John, wh, w w why are you washing dishes with all that science cred? Why aren't you making aspirin in a factory or something for the big bucks?"
He said "I'm an anarchist. I don't want my tax dollars going overseas to fund a war so I'm keeping my income at the bare minimum. He was a chemist making great money. At some point the government upset him so much, he made changes to not be as available. He was happy to pay for roads and libraries though so he didn't go full off the grid. I was dumbfounded. Then he gave me a bit of advice that I use all the time. Advice that makes me think of him long after the memory of his face has faded...he said
"If you soak those lasagnia bowl in hot soapy water for about 10 min. that  baked on cheese comes right off.". Epic.
like what we do?

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