Saturday, June 14, 2014

marauding bike ride, Marauder ride 2014

Generalisimo Dingo Dizmal and Olive Rootbeer the HUNny host an epic ride marauding bike ride from the Hawthorne hill downtown and back into part of the Shift to bikes, Pedalpalooza bike fest Portland OR.

 A perfect amount of marauders showed up (this isn't the "Gulf war re-enactment ride").

They told the general their names but he gave them new ones. Spear-head, Corker, Doc, Screws, Wagon-train, Villager-whisperer, Ladder-boy and Cannon-fodder 1,2 and 3.
As great adventures go, we gathered people as we went and unfortunately lost a bunch too. We hollered a lot and folks bemusedly yelled back. Strangers became friends in a silly but useful exercise. The.The ride met up with another ride called "the Valkyrie ride" and both crews whooped it up around Ladds addition eventually ending up with burgers and beers on Hawthorne again. Great time great folks.Classic clown ops.

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