Sunday, June 29, 2014

MC for the bike fair, col.sumners park portland 3-5 shift 2014 mcbf

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First off, Skrivner heads up setting up the arch of doom each year.

                              That rig has lots of nuts and bolts, also we were all about fixing up the Sprockette's tent. We were told it was the 10th anniversary of the storied Portland dance troop. Those intrepid dancters launched right under my nose a long time ago as I recall. Good stuff!
We had gone out for batteries and food down the street. On the way back we got caught in a torrent of rain. We got soaked. We were so wet that the sandwich I got a few blocks away at a food cart....was now soup. When we got back to our stage/office we were wet, our stuff waterlogged and the stage looked more like a squat.
Brian sysfail was there to plug in stuff and rock the mic  until our shift started.
 We were on from 3-5

Kicking it with Carl in the rain. We were reminiscing of past MCBFs and hoping the big crowds would turn out. Our stage time started and our task was first hosting the SLOW Race. Last one crossed the line wins, no stopping, no feet down. I quickly noticed an old friend, actually a gang of old friends called The Beligerantes. We always know when they are there by the red shirts and vintage schwinn bikes.

J-Rock of Rebel Alliance bike club brings forth the prize for the slow race...

Bitchin pink money shades!!!!

Cutie patooty starts the race!

It was slow but not un-eventful.

Carl Larson wins, the glasses match his hat!

Now to get blowee upee to let the crowd hanging out in the tents and booths below know it was on and to gather on the grill for the show and tournaments.

I did my imitation of an automobile.

Tall bike ring toss.

Two tall bikers ride in figure 8s around cones. Each has a pile of bike tires and they throw them like horse shoes at the cones while avoiding collisions. In the 3 heats one set of players decided to take all offensive maneuvers with each other. They basically attacked each other each round while scoring tons and tons of points. It was very entertaining. I was compelled to scream my head off and I had a microphone.

We were sent a list of events and times. When the show started, all that went out the window. That was pretty funny.

Camp Sprockettes ,happy campers.

Foot down derby!~!!!

Tall bike joust!!!

pit crew, squires, cheering!

Are you not entertained???

Hey, I know you. We saw lots of friends and fans at the fair. It was great to see them outside of the normal way we meet doing kid shows in cafes. Some of the kids were pretty happy about the notion that balloons pour out of us. 

Meghan!!! So frikkin cute! We love the delight in her pretty face.

                                          Better than TV? YES!

Huddle to determine who won.

Breaking down the arch of doom!

We can re-build it again for the Bike Fair aka Multinomah County Bike Fair.
Now we hit the grill again to the next adventure.
Thank you everyone who participated and made it such a blast for us.

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