Sunday, March 23, 2014

Yay! do it again kill monkey!

Crazy, my son has a leggo toy monkey that not only shoots a bazooka one handed but comes with weapons for all hands and feet. It has no genitals and doesn't throw poo (the only actual projectile weapon perfected by our Simian cousins). I'm so sick of disinformation, I wish there was a Disney movie set in Syria/Iraq/Detroit so they can get an idea what those weapons actually do.

 I was kind of never into guns for a different reason. A reason big as the hubris of Texas. Guns weren't around too much in my hood mostly because plenty of Dads were quick to point out that (outside of the professional security forces) guns are how pussies and little old ladies fight . Drunken Dad fights during the 70's 4th of July was my childhood, awesome show of force.

Jim Lowder When I was a youngster we lived off-base in military housing. My dad was career along with most of the other families in our neighborhood. It was a mix of Navy and Marine folk. My friends and I were heavily into G.I. Joe, He-Man, Star Wars, etc., a lot of gun/sword and battle play. I remember going to a squadron bbq one year on base, being corralled with a bunch of my pals and taken out to the range by a few Marines and Navy officers (our parents). Our folks were grinning and having a great time anticipating our reactions to what they had in store for us. I remember thinking whatever we were about to see was going to be AWESOME. They took us out there to show us first hand what small-arms, rifles, and ordinance are meant for. Most of us were horrified by the noise alone, but the destruction and the shock of being close enough to feel the shock waves of small explosives and the energy of real military gunfire left a bunch of kids in tears. It was a brilliant move on their part. It's something that had a deep impact on me, obviously. So, I own guns. I hunt, I target shoot, all that stuff, but I stopped playing guns when I was very young thanks to some folks who had used these weapons to destroy and kill people taking notice and exacting a very effective reality check.

I still fling a poo now and again, however. Depends on how fast the line is 

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