Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Saw this online and it gave me ponder.

 The funniest thing I ever see on a Tuesday is a burrito truck named "La Raza" literally translates to "The Race". I crack up that it's called that because when I ate there the rice was blown out over cooked and the beans were watery and bland...I really hope all the Mexican race isn't represented by that train wreck...I'm half Mexican!!! :) I personally really don't care at all about race or even socio-economic background. I judge people solely on deeds and generic red flags I picked up over the years.

Been a history buff for 30 years so i try and look at life from a 150 million year perspective. It's true that most recently Europeans have tore a path of profiteering, slavery, missionaries wiping indigenous cultures off the map and kingdoms, corporations and industry devouring all natural resources. Great reason to not do a lot of crowing here in the future. But that's only 700 years or so, before that the complexion to fear would have been copper colored. There have only been crazy color schemes of Homo saps since the ice ages. We know too much to blame gods for the races, now we know it's climate. The attitudes come from the dice roll for luck and natural resources. When folks are all about whatever race they are and add the word "pride" after it, if it's not a rainbow flag waving or any other truly oppressed people,then i gotta think having an intense pride in one's race is a slippery slope to being a default for not having personal accomplishments at all. At one point if your life wasn't cooking the way you want you could pull strings by pulling a race card in concentrations of said culture (ask Hitler). Now that doesn't work because there are too many of everyone to be universally relatable. People have more in common with neighbors than with hundreds of millions of people round the globe. But what do I know? I'm just a clown. Don't take my word for it, look it up and let me know! :)

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