Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I stopped wearing cammo pants in 08

. I was about to host an open mic. I had a home-punk cowboy clown look going on. My friend gave me a ride there but I accidentally left my phone in his car. He was gone to work so I lightly touched the door handle to see if by chance it could be open. That's all the neighborhood eyes needed to call the law on old Dingo dog. The rollers rolled up and apprehended me after a long no chase. He searched me and asked what the story was. It was looking like i was going to the hoosegow until Da Man, asked "Where do you work?" and I said "Across the street". "Can you prove it?" he asked as we both turned to see my face plastered on the glass of the cafe across the street. Same hat, same make up. The cop chuckled, put his book away "Carry on.". And I did carry on. Nowadays I break into cars all the time and never get bothered because I'm sharply dressed and also I'm always leaving things rather than taking stuff.

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