Saturday, March 29, 2014

Olive is an amazing step mom

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Friday, March 28, 2014

People come to town and find out that bikes are not toys.

  They find the bike reality is...we go fast. When everyone makes a move, the newbies are left in the dust. What are some tricks for keeping them safe and up to speed cycling in Puddle-town?

I'm writing a bike survival class. I'm a lil afraid of creating monsters though given my background. Here is an excerpt: "Identify and stay out of all auto's blind spots, that's a killer. If a car forces you into a compromising position, use your U lock on the panels of the car banging loudly until they back off.." See? that won't fly in a class. Bikes need to be a bit obnoxious to survive out on the grill, it's nothing compared to how the cars insult bikes. Car culture is gross, bloated, poison, it's bringing climate change and is a cash cow for some of the world's worst people...and they crush cyclists like walnuts on a regular basis. There are many reasons to flip cars off, just road rage is not one of them.

From the vantage point of my bike I notice that most non commercial vehicles in Ptown are only 1-2 humans and little cargo. That means they are poisoning us all out of convenience. The irony is that they would have more money, look/ feel better and live longer without the car trap. The other irony is that the folks who decide to be car free, still have to breathe the cocktail of chemicals every day and splash around in the chemical streams draining to the river.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I stopped wearing cammo pants in 08

 I was about to host an open mic. 
I had my usual home-punk cowboy clown look going on. At this time in my life I was a clown in transition. Years of activist clown who was totally underground was suddenly very popular with everyone. I still had the look of the kind of clown who dumpster dives, rebels against authority and brawls a lot. I was in all intents an altruistic, good guy but I still had no clue how to be palatable to normal folks.My kid's Mom and most of my friends had left me after our Clown House had closed down. I was wide open to reinvent myself.
My friend gave me a ride to my gig that day. He was late so he ran out quick.
 I discovered that I accidentally left my phone in his car. He was gone to work so I lightly touched the door handle to see if by chance it could still be open. 
That's all the neighborhood eyes needed to see to immediately call the Police on me. I think it was the martial arts place across the street.
 The rollers rolled up and apprehended me after a long no chase. 
He searched me and asked what the story was.
I was suspicious after many years in the streets so I didn't give away too much info about anything. 
It was looking like i was going to the hoosegow until Da Man, asked "Where do you work?" 
I looked across the street and smiled for the first time. 
 "Across the street". 
"Can you prove it?" he asked as we both turned to see my face plastered on the glass of the cafe across the street. 
Same hat, same make up. The cop chuckled, put his book away "Carry on.". And I did carry on. 
Nowadays I break into cars all the time and never get bothered because I'm sharply dressed and also I'm always leaving things rather than taking stuff.

I stopped wearing cammo and black. It was a different chapter, different era and it was not good tactics to fly that kind of flag. True Clown Ops require stealth and smart tactics. All that cammo made me look more homeless than freedom fighter. 
Within a year I had transformed into the current situation. 
Play to win.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Yay! do it again kill monkey!

Crazy, my son has a leggo toy monkey that not only shoots a bazooka one handed but comes with weapons for all hands and feet. It has no genitals and doesn't throw poo (the only actual projectile weapon perfected by our Simian cousins). I'm so sick of disinformation, I wish there was a Disney movie set in Syria/Iraq/Detroit so they can get an idea what those weapons actually do.

 I was kind of never into guns for a different reason. A reason big as the hubris of Texas. Guns weren't around too much in my hood mostly because plenty of Dads were quick to point out that (outside of the professional security forces) guns are how pussies and little old ladies fight . Drunken Dad fights during the 70's 4th of July was my childhood, awesome show of force.

Jim Lowder When I was a youngster we lived off-base in military housing. My dad was career along with most of the other families in our neighborhood. It was a mix of Navy and Marine folk. My friends and I were heavily into G.I. Joe, He-Man, Star Wars, etc., a lot of gun/sword and battle play. I remember going to a squadron bbq one year on base, being corralled with a bunch of my pals and taken out to the range by a few Marines and Navy officers (our parents). Our folks were grinning and having a great time anticipating our reactions to what they had in store for us. I remember thinking whatever we were about to see was going to be AWESOME. They took us out there to show us first hand what small-arms, rifles, and ordinance are meant for. Most of us were horrified by the noise alone, but the destruction and the shock of being close enough to feel the shock waves of small explosives and the energy of real military gunfire left a bunch of kids in tears. It was a brilliant move on their part. It's something that had a deep impact on me, obviously. So, I own guns. I hunt, I target shoot, all that stuff, but I stopped playing guns when I was very young thanks to some folks who had used these weapons to destroy and kill people taking notice and exacting a very effective reality check.

I still fling a poo now and again, however. Depends on how fast the line is 

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Friday, March 14, 2014

No longer outlaws.

Congrats to neighbors S. and J. X, who put on special hats to celebrate getting pot cards. They worked their whole lives (blue collar ) dodging pee tests, now they are free to treat the pains and not so painful parts of life as they wish. I asked him how long he was a pot criminal and he said 52 years. Also congrats for him beating Hep-C and hard chemotherapy treatments as well as her new freedom from having her 40 y.o. son move out. The bedroom sanctuary is now the whole crib. OK kids, you can now unbuckle your seat belts and enjoy the rest of the ride. Lucky for them they have a stereo with the height of 70's hip music, a nice house and there are three pot stores within a few blocks of where we live. Been together 15 years I think easily their biggest asset is each other. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

tall riding in the rain

Saw this online and it gave me ponder.

 The funniest thing I ever see on a Tuesday is a burrito truck named "La Raza" literally translates to "The Race". I crack up that it's called that because when I ate there the rice was blown out over cooked and the beans were watery and bland...I really hope all the Mexican race isn't represented by that train wreck...I'm half Mexican!!! :) I personally really don't care at all about race or even socio-economic background. I judge people solely on deeds and generic red flags I picked up over the years.

Been a history buff for 30 years so i try and look at life from a 150 million year perspective. It's true that most recently Europeans have tore a path of profiteering, slavery, missionaries wiping indigenous cultures off the map and kingdoms, corporations and industry devouring all natural resources. Great reason to not do a lot of crowing here in the future. But that's only 700 years or so, before that the complexion to fear would have been copper colored. There have only been crazy color schemes of Homo saps since the ice ages. We know too much to blame gods for the races, now we know it's climate. The attitudes come from the dice roll for luck and natural resources. When folks are all about whatever race they are and add the word "pride" after it, if it's not a rainbow flag waving or any other truly oppressed people,then i gotta think having an intense pride in one's race is a slippery slope to being a default for not having personal accomplishments at all. At one point if your life wasn't cooking the way you want you could pull strings by pulling a race card in concentrations of said culture (ask Hitler). Now that doesn't work because there are too many of everyone to be universally relatable. People have more in common with neighbors than with hundreds of millions of people round the globe. But what do I know? I'm just a clown. Don't take my word for it, look it up and let me know! :)

Tuesday Mornin fun!

Transforming the bike and myself for a gig in Sandy Oregon

Monday, March 03, 2014

Wanna see what it was like when everyone was angry?

(copy of 14 year old VHS tape that has lived in about a dozen punk houses, now digital before it falls completly apart, Thanks Sean!) The concept of colorful, eco friendly, "Portlandia" didn't happen easy or over night. The right to assembly, to ride bikes en mass, feed souplines and breath clean air,to be a person of color or a woman or TJ even land and water had to be fought for. Lots of bad ideas were in place for a long time. It required effort and sacrifices to wrench the world back. For a long time everyone was angry. Dingo's home movies from the front "DIY tv #11 Unlawful assembly" was a way to get the story out when the media was biased or at least not aware what they are even looking at. Before the popular uprising it was up to the punks to hold down the unpopular uprising duties. The youth who are angry at how the world is squandered came out of the woodwork and in 10 years amazing things have changed. Dingo the clown was created during some turn of the century years of civil unrest. The first clown outfit he had was armored and his thick grease paint was impervious to pepper spray. That comes in handy when pulling folks out of harms way after they get hit with the gas and pellet guns.He was part of a movement that bubbled up from between the cracks of society. Their isolation gave them perspective and the camaraderie under tense situations that spurred them to victories and losses. Dingo was part of a smart and street smart army of activists who took on global corruption, fascism, corporate greed and deforestation. Back then the internet was mostly zines thru the mail and word of mouth. The talking head was Caffeine Jones and the cameras were forever rolling and copying and sharing until no punk house worth it's salt didn't have a few titles on hand.. In this episode the Pepto Dizmal Gang that would become the Clown House travel back to Eugene (where they started) to meet a few hundred friends in the park for some music and anarchist workshops the next day. Not all the town was happy about it, especially the police. After this rock show between cities there was a protest march that night and the next day was a real mess. The Portland delegation went home smarter but with half the people they showed up with. This is just part of a shabby old VHS (thanks for the help salvaging Sean Strauss) but Dingo has an extensive library of better footage of Northwest activist punk clown history ready to go. We are waiting for technology to produce a proper documentary. If you have the means to get this movie out please contact Dingo. chaos days Day 2 following this the concert under the bridge went well, it was followed by a night of protests and lock down tactics, Lots of folks were arrested that night including half the denizens of the Clown House. Clown House people were pinned down in a docking bay with ring of cops, then another ring of cops and then another ring of Eugene townies who by then had gathered to lend the protesters support. It was tough for everyone back then. That"s why everyone was angry. Dingo escaped the snatch squads by jumping a fence in his old neighborhood (the whit) and spent the night watching the police and ninjas playing cat and mouse from a roof and other locations.It was a luxury that every house was a safe house in that hood. The next day was about cooking Food Not Bombs and gathering some more townies who had been drinking all day at the river. They said they wanted to protest too. I rolled camera and asked them what they are protesting and got "I love nekkid girls!" Kind of sexist for this crowd but I loved the devotion (they were the first people arrested that afternoon.   

 W.J. park for a puppet show and concert. Someone dissing the us flag got citizens to stop and huge public debate/screaming match followed about ways to deal with anger. She looks like a bomber but she is clearly a fellow who is disillusioned with the American Dream having a useless degree and loans to pay while watching the government behave like a 9 year old all over the world. Following the park action was a general protest in front of the jail (holding tons of people caught the night before) then in the streets and a game of redrover where the police played for keeps. The next piece is back in Portland for a benefit for "Books to prisoners" and then a report from "The art in the dark" exhibit.shaky video of some shaky times. Like what we do? Pitch in here    Back in Portland the struggle continues but it's such an everyday thing that those gatherings were hardly ever as tense as the small town ones. Portland wasn't a cake walk but the system did alow citezens to disagree, the little town good old boy network only understands cirtain languages. This chapter performance art under the Martial arts gallery,a Moms anti gun violence demonstration, a pot legalization rally, a spooky punk show at PSU and for some reason a house fire.

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Sunday, March 02, 2014



Thanks for sending in this pic Lovely, it made my  day!!I miss you!!

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Dingo's natural recipe for middle aged male hard-ons (so you don't disappoint your biggest fans)

Sex only for pro-creation is an asinine notion created by chicken little. I was sex positive way back when metro-sexual was just simply called being a Prince fan. Sex is a drug free attitude adjustment, it's practice, it's getting the heart rate up, it's keeping the tubes in order. One of the last things in this world sex should be for is pro-creation.   I think we have enough of our kind of ape created as it isNo sex before marriage seems like the kiss of death, or at least, not such a good idea. Why would you want to permanently get with someone if you don't know what it's like to get with them?
I noticed for older men and young women sex is a huge motivator and inspiration for success and creativity. It's big for young men too but it is THE motivation rather than A motivation. Some pairs are better at dancing than others. Also I notice the young men sometimes come off like big muddy puppies: (Hey gorgeous young dude! slow down, don't ask her name, tell her yours, hold hands, let her find out about your amazing stamina on her own, paint something and fer crissakes, never call women "Bitches" or demand they smile for you) older men and younger ladies have a similar complicated dance that can stretch the delicious honeymoon phase of a romance out for years. It's good for everyone to know as much as they can about this primal human endeavor. I'll write my opinion about the Queer and middle age female experience when and if I ever become one. Till then I can't venture a guess. I haven't had many lovers who were older than me but my first lover was, and it was grand. She isn't as giddy about everything as my later gal pals but she knows what she wants. When an older lady ties her hair back in a pony tail HOLD ON! You're in for a ride. Just like the young dudes selfish/spastic style sometimes covers the great attributes, and old man's great romantic moves are countered with the effects of time. Older guys need to keep up quality control and effectiveness. Recently my buddy asked me about how to deal with his declining sex drive.  Poor, soft stud muffin. My letter back to him looked like an article so here we are. Boners are made of blood filling your crank under the command of a hormone called testosterone. Your body has a strict input-output thing where if you don't put good stuff in, you can't get good performance. For good penis health try....
  1. eating a diet of just greens and meat.Yup, thats what testosterone lives on. Stay away from corn, taters, sugar and starchy stuff and for sure stay away from dick pills. oh..and of course 2. Exercise! you knew I was gonna say it. Do it. Keep going, moving. learning, growing, not only will you feel better, you will also look better. 3. Kegels! Do Kegels, that is, when you pee, start and stop the stream a lot, those are Kegel exercises that not only help you rock a glorious stiffy, they will also help keep you from pissing yourself all the time as an old man. 4. Beat off!! If your sermon is love, then practice what you preach by rubbing a few out a day if you can. Some parts of the body are only flushed out by semen so if you listen to that old religious disinformation then you are at higher cancer risk. 5. Avoid high maintenance partners. If it's not as easy as a smile then don't be afraid to pass. If you think you are getting led on, ripped off, potentially caught etc. it's too high a price. Wait it out (#4 rule). Sex is an important part of health and I hope you are around a long time. Keep in mind I'm not a doctor or even a healer but I am a scientist and a rock-star so i know what I'm positing Yo. Happy shagging!

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