Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We were among the last ones off the road and the first back on.

I watched the traffic this morning for a long time before making the painful decision to cancel the show. I only saw one cyclist (traffic could hardly see her) and I don't think our equipment would do very well being cold and wet for that long. Visibility is low and there is a berm of snow in the part of the road we ride on. Now trying to find a way to turn life's lemon into a snow cone.

So Portland is closed. They want us all to stay indoors. Our rent and child support bill are about as forgiving as the plague so we were going to go out to hustle anyway. Then an ice shelf big as a couch fell off a roof and shattered just missing Rootbeer. You win nature, if you want us to spend the day in the tub I guess we won't argue.
 Making an attempt to get to Soundgrounds for a documentary interview. I'm always enchanted by my partner. She doesn't own any "costumes" she is the real deal so she just has clothes.

Olive Rootbeer is so hot she melted my snow balls! wait...that didn't sound right. :)

I like to try to give %100 at some point every day. This was the most dangerous thing I have done so far this year.

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