Tuesday, February 04, 2014

I don't have a dog in this fight but I still care.

Trader Joe's pulls plug on Northeast Portland development after 'negative reactions' from community


It mentions what is happening but didn't mention why. 
So as usual I consulted my favorite investigative reporter Lisa Loving and this is what she makes of it. 
"One side is angry that the PDC offered TJs $2 million + in free money to build there --but local businesses never get anything free from the PDC. Another side argues that is not a food desert so why the $2 + million giveaway? (on that one it is my understanding that thye Cherry Sprout has been hard hit by the competition as have other smaller community groceries). Another side says build it on 82nd Avenue where there is a legit food desert. ANOTHER OTHER side says TJs was offering perks for the Black community but that a lack of true leadership from WITHIN the black community bungled a chance at jobs $ etc. A nother other other side says, something else. Personally I like that green space and wish it could be a park but nobody is arguing for that."

 Lisa Loving is a true Portland treasure. I still don't know why they want to keep the neighborhood away from nutrition and into Popeyes chicken and pizza hut.
 I personally don't like T.J. because of all the plastic they use and the fact that they are not local. Others see a rent rise in that building. We are soon to be classed out of our neighborhood because a Wild Oats is moving in. I don't mind moving because the only other food in the area is a single burrito truck, everything else is Wendy's and McMurder. I regret all thos years I complained against gentrification. Rather than making a fuss, I should have been working to keep that windfall local.

People are very trained to vote (with $) against best interests. Why send money to California... (Scuse me, I need to yell this) WHY SEND $ To CALIFORNIA???when you can get it right here, keep it in the community and even meet the farmer! We just today did a show at a place with the best deal running. You buy into the "know thy food" co-op for a fantastic deal on organic vedge, then with the cash you saved you can get meats and cheeses and other goodies from the fridge that cost a little more but funds real food from real people. The Warehouse cafe do more for the community in one morning than all those other fat cats do all day.

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