Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Lil A" lent us some wheels to go entertain at Play Date PDX!

Life in the fast lane for us is usually out of the question but our long time friend Lil A was nice enough to lend us her truck to fly around town and entertain lots and lots of people. Thank you so much Lil A for putting tools in our hands and trusting us with your wheels and friendship.

Thanks for lending us the wheels Lil A!!!!
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cute vid

Story Time with Dingo and Olive from Barb Myers on Vimeo.

Just overheard

 at convenience store: Perturbed young man to clerk, "sorry I'm hanging out, I just got the worst compliment a guy would ever want from my girlfriend. She said It turns out I am the best lover she ever had...that"s how she told me she got with another guy". The clerk and I looked at each other both trying so hard not to start cracking up like jack asses, We're with ya brother, It's gonna be ok.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This couple made my bus ride longer

This couple made my bus ride longer and more excruciating by sitting right next to me and bickering constantly. On and on and on. After a while I couldn't help but pick sides. "Dude not only is she older than you but she is working a job right now. If she thinks that how well your car can be seen from the road is not really criteria for choosing an apartment then you need to listen to her, And You, It's not what you are telling him, it's how you say it. It's demeaning, you are losing great points because of the bitchy, hen pecky delivery. Ya gotta act like he isn't a man-child, baby factory who is staying at his Moms house. And Tiger, you gotta treat her like she didn't pick your dumb ass to guarantee she will have someone to blame her life on. Now you two need to find some better communication skills or I'm gonna have to get up and sit way over none of us want that do we? DO WE???

Clownsilor...It would kinda be hard to ask for funding for such a thing but on the plus side, sessions would be very short. Only about as long as the time it takes for a good knock knock joke. Knock knock. Who's there? Your babies DNA.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I was an active activist for at least 12 years

...and passively active as long as I can remember. I was a parent during a lot of that time and my daughter was witness to the city and it's people having some crazy growing pains. Lots of active folks had kids and dogs and tons of travelling guests all the time bringing news from the various fronts. A cultural revolution was going on and a huge wing of it looked and smelled just like us. To have all these folks behind us, we really need to be right. Part of changing the world is being able to stand up in an argument just as much as standing in the street. To demand change you have to have all the good ideas and numbers on your side. It was a huge value for everyone to get learned up about everything going on. Free school was great for that. The Clown House on Mississippi had that going on as well as being a sanctuary R&R for the tree sitters from fall creek among places. I was never too far from someone doing something that impressed me, teaching the average people to interpret whats happening to them is very impressive. The electoral process like capitalism itself is based on the assumption of an informed public. Our public is ill-informed in lots of things and very distracted/vulnerable to manipulation. Portland was in an angry state of mind back in 97 but it didn't hurt that there is awful TV reception here. Free-thinking investigative citizens soon got organised. Nothing brings folks together like oil wars and civil rights struggles. and some of the silliest things happen in the "Healthy sense of outrage" parenting community. The kiddos know all the same language the parents learn at the countless workshops and that's a recipe for hilarity. "Mom, he's imposing unfair trade tariffs and occupying unlawful territories". (Mom walks into the room) "Son, share the pizza and give your sister her glasses back Hey! stay on your side of the table". Son: "No Way we won't go! US out of north Tablestan!!!" (Mom) "Son, don't make me deploy a police action task force [Dad]. The Dad tries to pull the kid to his side of the table but he falls limp in a final act of passive resistance.
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We were among the last ones off the road and the first back on.

I watched the traffic this morning for a long time before making the painful decision to cancel the show. I only saw one cyclist (traffic could hardly see her) and I don't think our equipment would do very well being cold and wet for that long. Visibility is low and there is a berm of snow in the part of the road we ride on. Now trying to find a way to turn life's lemon into a snow cone.

So Portland is closed. They want us all to stay indoors. Our rent and child support bill are about as forgiving as the plague so we were going to go out to hustle anyway. Then an ice shelf big as a couch fell off a roof and shattered just missing Rootbeer. You win nature, if you want us to spend the day in the tub I guess we won't argue.
 Making an attempt to get to Soundgrounds for a documentary interview. I'm always enchanted by my partner. She doesn't own any "costumes" she is the real deal so she just has clothes.

Olive Rootbeer is so hot she melted my snow balls! wait...that didn't sound right. :)

I like to try to give %100 at some point every day. This was the most dangerous thing I have done so far this year.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Chased by snow

We were done with our Tursday 10:30 show at Cafe Au Play when we hear that a huge snow dumping event was at hand. We had to beat it outta there quick before the snow gets too high to ride. The race was on.

Just in time! We made it home safe and sound!