Saturday, January 18, 2014

Time for some perspective from the trench.

Folks wanted to name that new cute commuter train bridge after Kirk Reeves. I don't think it would have been a good fit at all. Rather than having something named after him I'm sure he would  have preferred to just be reasonably taken care of in the first place. I worked many of the same spots he did and we both made people happy all day but still made less than the bums. People assume we just need attention. His magnificent hustle earned him the right to be treated like a public drinking fountain. Just like me, everyday is like attacking the world with the best attitude possible and then getting slammed to the ground. Often to get any cash out of the day we wait for anyone from Japan, Europe, Australia, they know what to do. Reg-a-ler "Mericans can be like spoiled 12 year olds, too TV ignorant to know what they are looking at...actual 12 yo's actually tip great! I once got $5 from a bum who felt sorry for me! (to his credit, he thought I was a hallucination). After a while we begin to consider the home bum tactics. I too almost considered swallowing my pride and finding an on-ramp to get my clown on, but the pollution keeps me away. Plus I'm a highly trained performer, not an able-bodied beggar looking for handouts. He had to go where his music wasn't even part of the the loud noise and thick smog of the bridge. A guy who committed suicide rather than face another day struggling sick, broke and cold on that bridge is not a great choice to name a bridge after. Give the bridge a number and Kirk should have a statue with the words "Protect civic treasures". And the bums? maybe we can convince them to move to Eugene (I hear there's no work there)".
Kirk never said to me "Boy I wish they would name something after me" but he did say "I sure hope this entertaining thing gets me on the other side of my illness." 
What a drag. So If I die from a keg landing on my head, please don't name the next delicious micro brew Dingo'stout. I don't drink..just get the next guy a forklift!  RIP KIRK! I will never look at an expando ball again without thinking of you!

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