Saturday, January 11, 2014

The good news. Olive's grandmother survived,

 the bad news, the room she was sleeping in (and the one below it) did not when a huge tree fell and crushed the side of the house. They don't have insurance and they just had the roof installed last year. So stay tuned for some clowny disaster relief fundraising.

Woah, turns out it was 3 trees that hit the house, a Giant cedar and a couple of hemlocks. They shoved each other around in a way that made the big one perfectly miss creaming grandmas bed. Also Olives Mom took a spill off a huge ladder while trying to tarp the roof. She hit her head hard on the pavement. All through this the fam fam have what I can only call heroic attitudes. It's going to be on the channel 12 news tonight. Olive is setting up a proper fund site for this challenged but steadfast family.

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