Friday, January 10, 2014

When I hear trouble, I come running.

I was looking into some screaming last night and found 2 young women in fast food garb, waiting at a bus stop. I ran up expecting a crime scene. "Were we too loud? Sorry, she's getting married and we are practicing fake orgasms. I decided to give them an unsolicited acting lesson. " I told them that if they were going for realism they shouldn't shriek like monkeys in a shark attack. Save that move for emergencies. Rule of thumb is, "Less is more." I suggested a more realistic method would be to act like a stroke victim. "Let half your face go limp… Or you could go the easy way and  be sure to marry a person who is a good lover.” They were very appreciative, “Thanks random guy in a bathrobe!”

Olive rootbeer and dingo virtual tip jar

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Natasha Delepine said...

Thank you dingo for...everything. <3