Wednesday, January 29, 2014

angry olive

Olive was biking on the road.The sidewalk is safer but sometimes crowded. 3 sec. into the road and a car starts honking at her. Some think her look and choice of transportation mean she shouldn't have a right to the road (where the real people with real jobs live). HONK, after angry honk, she was left with no choice. Olive exorcised her birthright as a U.S. citizen and deployed "the bird" large and in charge, over the shoulder and while barreling down a hill on her tall bike! The honker angrily sped off. Then the cool thing happened. A car behind the road rage car caught up to Olive and she saw arms hanging out the window giving the thumbs up and yelling "That was sooooo frikkin cool!!!!!".She got where she was going and found tweeker Mctweekeson standing outside the building she was entering "Olive right?...mummble mummble hug mummble squeese, I gotta squeeze ya!" Olive ran in, he followed, she evaded and before getting away she hears him yelling "I hope it's not over!" It must be fun to be Olive. I was cringing as she told the tale. Glad she acted right in both situations. She won't be bullied but she will stay out of hairy situations. Glad she didn't hurt anyone. She is sweet, sensual and loving but she is also athletic and street smart. If she misses with the right and the left you can bet she will go in with the head butt...or the stink eye.   
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