Saturday, November 09, 2013

Olive got her bike back!

 Olive Rootbeer got her precious bike back! 
Her bike (called "The Party") is back in her hands after a great effort by the public and the news.
She needed it. Her happiness kind of depended on it. We are not defined by our stuff but the things that bring quality to life are still important.
Her bike fits her perfectly and it's a comfort item.
We don't make much money so when stuff disappears or breaks, we really feel it.
Her bike was returned to her by a 14 year old kid after a show at Cafe Au Play. The news was there too and everyone was elated.
The camera man mentioned he enjoyed a story that wasn't tragedy.

The woman who discovered her son had Olive's bike didn't have a TV. Her kid found Olive's bike on the pathway by H-205. It had been in her garage a week. They tell us her friend called her and said, "Hey that bike in your garage is some kind of big deal, ya better go find those clowns." We assured her that nobody was in trouble. We couldn't wait to shake her boy's hand.


 This is the guy that stole Olive's bike. He tried to sell it to a clever Portlander for $20 Our guy was clever enough to quickly take this pic and Tweet it. He is called Aaron Brown. I'm glad Aaron didn't have the cash to buy the bike because then we would never have gotten the crook. Matthew R. saw Aaron's pic on Twitter and put it together that it was Olive's bike. He called me and let me know it was last seen on the #4 headed East. Eventually we matched the bus number in this pic to a driver who was happy identify the thief. We are grateful to many fast thinking citizens and friends, an honest boy, the cops and especially Tim Gordon and KATU news for getting the word out.
  • 6 of The Story isn't about a bike theft, that happens all the time. This story is about an invisible safety net called community and also it's about the effect social media had on the situation. Within a few days the number of shares on Facebook sky rocketed. Now it stands at 400 shares.That got the attention of the news chanel8 folks.
With her bike gone, Olive had to ride this little beater we had. It took a lot longer to get places and her spirits were way down. A nice fella called Tom invited us over to his place. He is a bike builder.

News 8 met us at his place, we had already done 2 interviews with them. We were super stoked that they kept on the case. They really seemed to think we would find the bike.

what a BEAST!!Dumbest thing Dingo said all week "Can I try it?" to builder Tom. He did manage to ride this huge beast

That donated big bike, It's been cut down and it's being turned into her Firetruck cargo bike. He makes great stuff.

So what do we do with the perp? We are not into punishing addiction and or mental illness. This desperate act wasn't personal it was lost/enslaved/corrupted. I wish we could send him to the center of a Rainbow gathering into the custody of a gaggle of elderly healing mamas.Olive was pretty mad (even gave the dreaded "Stink Eye", but she has no malice. She even may ride the little bike more...just for fun.

We work hard and keep our craftsmanship and quality control up. Happiness is a value here in Puddle town,they tell us they needed Olive to have her bike because it makes THEM happy. I'm just eager to get back to the regularly scheduled foolery.

It's cold out, great time for a warm blanket statement

 "Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!! all you folks who support us so well every day." We are so grateful that we get to be outlandish for a living.

Leapi'n Louie bought some unlicensed art

"Stopped at a "mint-water" stand in the neighborhood and bought a portrait of Dingo Dizmal from a couple of 8 year olds. Who knew Olive Rootbeer and Dingo's influence spread so far?"~ L. Louie.


I made this from a generator online. I posted it to Facebook as a joke but had to quickly take it down because it was freaking out my superstitious Texan friends.

People take our photo all day every day.

We try and get photos of them too! 
This lady saw us in traffic and pulled over in front of us. "I just need to know, who are you guys and what are you doing? Can I take your picture?". 
"Only if we can take yours too!"

Friday, November 01, 2013

Y'know what really healed my life?

Being happy for other people's success. Being a hater really spikes your life bad. Luckily I was already half way there because I love seeing people do well. I hope your doing well.

like what we do?

I make a lot of balloon animals and thus see them pop a lot as well.

 So that puts me in the awkward position of kids asking me the hard questions. "Am I gonna die someday?".I have to be a professional so i just give them coffee and tell them that their parents are getting a puppy.