Friday, October 11, 2013

Gotta be alert for stranger danger in the big city.

A man for some reason didn't like me and ran up and tried to put a pole in my wheels. "Jackass betcha won't be so high and mighty when you fall.". I braked , paused in mid air long enough to hear this song in my head and like clockwork, quickly landed, kickstand, engagement mode. Now he is the one backpeddaling as I'm marching at him with single minded purpose like the terminator. For some reason he thought standing in traffic was much safer than dealing with the shitstorm he just stirred up. It pisses me off when people force me to be anything less than delightful. He looked like he thought he was stepping on a moth that suddenly turned into a battleship. He ran off with me screaming for him to return and give me satisfaction. Well all the cars didn't see him endanger some old women and myself with a pole, they just saw a clown cussing a guy out and chasing him off. Lots of people were giving old Dingo the stink eye. That was a very long red light to wait at.

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