Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This week we are dressing for Halloween as our favorite character...each other.

photo by Cat Davila

Burning Man

Mr. Sysfail put up this link and it struck a chord in my wittle bwain. Never been a fan of the Burning Man. Too gassy and hard druggy for my liking. Being confused for Burning man on the streets is one of the few things that give me road rage. I have seen it actually distract and or dissolve movements that were working fine. On the other hand. I like when straight laced, mostly square middle class folks do get to go someplace and act like we do every day for a little bit. I would much rather my lawyer/ judge/ teacher etc. have been to Burning man. They have better perspective and I get a fair shake. Some people need it. Activists DON'T.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Early Morning gig, clowning for a running event

It's the Run Like Hell running event in Portland's Pioneer Square.

We are the mayors of kid zone and we start and end the kids race.
 Good times watching the sun never come up in Stumptown.

Portland is so quiet at dark thirty.Gotta get there really early.

It's a cold morning and a long ride away. I got halfway there before I realized. I'm not dressed for this much cold wind. I had to just suck it up and I promised myself to scream bloody murder later, right now I gotta focus on not slipping off the pedals and bars.

Olive is way on her game setting up the free rootbeer, coloring and craft stations.

The theme this year was "Fairies and Unicorns" Olive built me this fine unicorn horn but it was quickly absconded by a cute little kid in ninja drag.

trucking Olive to the turnaround point

Headed a half mile to the starting line.

They are required to slap Olive 5 before turning back to finish the race. This kid said "we are not the children you are looking for"

Today our co-operative is Jessica Cornelius she is in charge of logistics, security, rabble rousing...and if she has time..face painting. You may recognize her as the culprit that drew that fine coloring page/flier everyone loves so much. 

Luckily all four volunteers they gave us were related.

Stoked that now i get to see our kidsl

fan art!!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Is our stuff too junky even for you losers?

Lots of thefts in the neighborhood lately. I actually saw two bike thieves but didn't know till later. Next time I will interrogate better. One thing I will ask is "Why do you guys always pass our stuff? 

Frogman interviewed us on WEIRD-LANDIA

I hoped a frog would bring us to Public telivision for the first time,
I was delighted it turned out to be an Oregon grown one.

Just saw my friend Kyle

. He says the landlord wants him to get rid of his solar panels. He has been grid free for over a year. I love seeing those things as much as I like the power company not getting any money. People have bikes out front why not Power? He also restored that truck he is sitting in and they want him to get rid of that too.

Who the hell does Facebook think I know?

 Nobody they try to sell me on reflect my friends, If i go by profile pics there's, Ms.Pouty-lips, Ms. leads with Va-J.J., another Ms. Pouty lips and Ms. breasts shoved into shower glass. Facebook,all the "people I may know" actually tend to have other body parts, interests and genders. 

Still rockin the freeworld

Tip jar

Friday, October 18, 2013


Made my friend a Vasecto-gram. He doesn't actually even have a girlfriend, i just know he loves the planet and would appreciate a free jockstrap. Please share if you dare.  I figger, go with what I know. Last night Olive and Portland GypsyCab were contemplating offering a vasectomy "hand holding through the process" service that comes with an embroidered jockstrap. Lot's of clowns have issues and charities they stand with, I'm as into fixing humans as Bob Barker is into fixing puppies.
like what we do?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Gotta be alert for stranger danger in the big city.

A man for some reason didn't like me and ran up and tried to put a pole in my wheels. "Jackass betcha won't be so high and mighty when you fall.". I braked , paused in mid air long enough to hear this song in my head and like clockwork, quickly landed, kickstand, engagement mode. Now he is the one backpeddaling as I'm marching at him with single minded purpose like the terminator. For some reason he thought standing in traffic was much safer than dealing with the shitstorm he just stirred up. It pisses me off when people force me to be anything less than delightful. He looked like he thought he was stepping on a moth that suddenly turned into a battleship. He ran off with me screaming for him to return and give me satisfaction. Well all the cars didn't see him endanger some old women and myself with a pole, they just saw a clown cussing a guy out and chasing him off. Lots of people were giving old Dingo the stink eye. That was a very long red light to wait at.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Folks always ask "Did you build that bike?" and i say "no Topher did!". "who is that?" "This is he.

This is one of my first glimpses of a very impressive yet soft spoken Portland Gent, my dearest homie Topher Moore. We have had a lot of adventures over the years, never had even one argument the whole time. We can chat like hens or be silent and still have a swell time. That's the mark of a great friendship. We don't hang out these days as much as I would like to but I think about him every day...and well I should, he is the guy that built my bike!

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Wanna pay forward?

Lots of folks who don't come to our wacky shows tell us they want to pitch in to our madness.
Plenty of nice people enjoy our productions but say they don't carry cash.
Here is a link to our online tip jar.
DONATE to our virtual tip jar

 Thank you very much. A life where the pay is on the honor system can be very stressful, it's also the way street performers work. We are the same as any other street performer in town...only we stay in the kids heads a lifetime and don't take that responsibility lightly. :) We love being part of so many rad families.

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