Saturday, August 31, 2013

Portland normal

While getting my java today...

 ...some young bucks behind me were going over some reindeer games with each other . Mostly about mounting reindeer does. I wanted to say "hey pups . Don't ask her name; tell her yours, if you care so much about her body parts then start with her hands.... and stop calling them bitches." But I didn't want to op[en that jar of worms.

I been friends with an older Native American woman for years.

We used to sit silently for hours while i was busking. I thought she was mute until I said "looks like rain huh?" and she said "Mister if yer gonna talk my ear off I'm moving to another bench." truth crazier than fiction. One day she said" here you go son" and handed me $5. She wouldn't take it back. A year goes by and she had stopped speaking to me at all. Then the other day she said. "I guess I'll never see that $5 again huh?" and I quickly whipped out a 5. We will see how she feels about it in another year. :)

Y'know what really healed my life?

 Being happy for other people's success. Being a hater really spikes your life bad. Luckily I was already half way there because I love seeing people do well. I hope your doing well.

LOL Sorry anonymous friend requester facebook. I collected 35 or so requests from folks with zero info about them..just pics of dogs and wigs, post cards and sports teams.I only talk to puppets if it's my hand up their ass, sorry. Call back when you get an identity I would love to know you!

Good morning. With age i find myself standing there watching and waiting, while it drip drip drips.

It used to spit out it's liquid cargo fast and hard, large and in charge, now it's more of a slow drip factory. I'm not complaining...I love my old coffee maker...glad my body doesn't act like that!