Thursday, December 23, 2010

working maintenance on a few buildings today,,,

On break) was working maintenance on a few buildings today and I met this guy with a story...Ya see he lives by a trailer park. In the park was a meth house. He tells me it was very popular. One day meth jerks moved leaving not a trace. well...
The customers still show up. When there is just an empty lot where the day b...efore there was "walking death powder"..they go nuts!
A lady threw herself into his window smashing it!
She was in a panic as she came in and called 911. She looked around crazily and then said "Oh Shit the cops are coming" and ran out the door.
"Hey!!!" my friend told his Craigslist, mouth breathing room mate to start picking up the glass but he just stood there dumbstruck. He left the room mate standing there as he followed her. She ran into Division street into on coming traffic. She was picked up by Portland . The cops told him to go home and they will be there soon. He waited and waited and eventually went back to the cop car. They had let her go. He said that he asked what about the original call and they told him "we let her go , she's flipping out on drugs."
I wasn't there I'm just listening to a story while I clean gratings. My guess is that the police in way out100sumpin and Division have some pressing priorities in that jungle and ya gotta pick your battles.
The man then told me that he had been in the Navy for many years. He is a vet but doesn't qualify for job training,benefits,assisted living, medical...BUT! he said " if i go to prison for a year then when I gets out I would qualify for job training,benefits,assisted living, medical. Problem is he isn't a criminal so he came up with this gambit.
If he checks himself into rehab then when he gets out he will qualify for job training,benefits,assisted living, medical. He has to be willing to get gacked out on drugs the day he goes in because he has to piss positive for drugs to get in the door.
Looks like he isn't into dangerous street drugs but he is willing to compromise his health and well being for the sake of his health and well being. Maybe he knows where the meth truck went.Life in the big city.

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