Friday, December 03, 2010

Open Mic at Flying Cat Coffee

It was a splendid vibrant Open mic tonight over at the Flying Cat. Nothing better than having the owner walk in while his place is full of happy healthy people and the music is pouring out of his shop. I want anyone I work with to feel good about paying me.
Here is Phil the Peddler, he has a CD out thats pretty sweet. I'm honored that he has hired me to host his show on the 19th, stay tuned.

I don't know if I can post recordings of people doin cover songs.
This is Jonny B. and he did some very convincing Niel Young tunes.

Open Mic hosts get paid a percentage of the till at the end of the night. See that menu? That's what keeps us all paid so if ya can, eat, drink and be merry because you are supporting live entertainment in your own community.

Alex had never played an Open Mic before, you can tell when someone loses their stage virginity because they get this glow!


When the night begins the tables are like camps. Crowds of friends mob with each other because nobody knows anybody else.
Then by 10 PM folks end up visiting each other's tables.
I guess that after they see each other brave the pressure of public performing they all get a respect for each other and want to know each other.
This is how bands and or friendships are formed.

My act was a smashing success but none of our bits got photographed by us...cuz we were working.

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