Friday, December 17, 2010

EPIC Last Thursday's Open Mic at Flying Cat Coffee

Sterling is the best Barista because as you can see...he is the devil. No problem keeping drinks hot! Cute girls give him phone numbers all the time (pssst. he couldn't care less about your advances gals sorry he just gives your numbers to Olive and me.)

What is this guy looking at???


Quin never dissapoints...I hope he still plays our open mics after he is old enough to play bars and saloons.

I get my pay from people buying stuff from here. When you go out to my Open Mic eat drink and be merry because I'm really working for you!

Isaiah Brown is a POWER HOUSE!!!!

Inspired by Hells Kitchen Olive created a blind taste test contest. Three random folks were blindfolded and fed different foods. The prize was a Daredevil Comic from the latest store to carry our coloring book (Future Dream Books)It's about a blind super hero. Our good friend and fellow Texan Jimmy Pardo had the taste buds to win.


"Gender Roles"

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