Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We did a birthday party in a professional kitchen.

Olive told me that tonight's gig would be for "Professionals" I thought "Clowning for assassins?"
No there are other kinds of pros, I think one was a doctor but the birthday girl and her friends are food business owners. They have their names on jars of nutrient rich foods that you get at grocery stores. Coconut Yogurts... and spreads and such. We did a birthday party in a professional kitchen.

Slim Chance the clown showed me how to have fun with buckets and i just can't let that act go when it makes so many people happy. He said he got it from an old YMCA manual. I think we did a good job of making it our own. Thanks SLIM!

Olive making friends.

Pick a winner Young Man!Amazing that out of all the lotto tickets we handed out the boy pulled his own out and won the prize! Really no joke.

I didn't get the job but I was allowed in on the Safety Meeting.

Last night we worked for very modern movers and shakers. Being surrounded by winners who are in it for the right reasons was a golden opportunity.

I love how old Portland is, every time we do gigs downtown of deep in the zones our backstage areas usually have many more ramps and tunnels and long passageways. Sometimes a modern building will still have some doorways built for horses to go through.

I have worked with this exact model dishwasher in restraunts from Venice Fl. to Portland OR., Minneapolis Corpus Christi TX.WOW! some updates but still the same thing.

What was i up to while Olive socialized with our sophisticated hosts? I took lots and lots of dishwasher porn.

One of the funniest moments that happen at an employee/workplace type party is when it is discovered that something is wrong with the equipment during the third quarter or so of the event.

Still pros even when tipsy they got it running again!Right on Orian!

Seeing that equipment made me pine for the simple days when all i had to do was make a paycheck, give it to my wife, love my kids and drink my beer. Still I love this current life better than any so far. I was clawing and stumbling through before and now I'm clear headed and on a mission.

At work I got to drink heartily without breaking my vow of sobriety! They tell me this stuff called Everclear doesn't actually have any alcohol in's just alcohol flavored. That's what one of the guys said when i told him i don't drink. ..and I believed him because it says "Clear" right on the label.

i'm just funnin, you won't ever find a soused Dingo. I can't even taste a drop. Since I have been sober I have had a bar tending job that i loved and many times been covered and sprayed with beer at gigs and it doesn't phase me a bit. Booze can be in my life as long as I never put any of it in my mouth.

Table Dance! (they Everclearlly know what they are doing!

Rooty Tooty!

Thanks to the radio I didn't have to bother actually playing my banjo.

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