Monday, November 08, 2010

Making WATER happen....above a giant tea wearhouse!

Facebook thank you!
WE get good gigs from Facebook. I got the call from a fellow who asked me to be the MC of a show he was putting on around ther theme of water.
He had many personal reasons to do this and was sure other would have simular reasons to love water.
At our first meeting with Gabe from the Bamboo Garden Spa we made him familiar with our work and he hired Olive as art director.
She took her $200 budget to Lippmans company and a fabric store.

She was able to get tons of huge balloons and a blower that we rented for $25 from Lippmans fills balloons with amazing quickness. We wouldn't be able to make a living without Lippmans company.

One by one we went way up tieing big balloons fron the cieling making it look like it was raining.


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