Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dedicated to Robin and Bruce...

Our Coloring Books are done!!!!!!!

Years in the making it is so fine a feeling to see the boxes stacked up on the floor of Eberheart press.

They are super good at working with people on a budget.

They cost $4 plus postage and it's not really a kids book. We are planning a kid friendly coloring book soon.
Our books were spit out by a rig thats as big as an amusement park locomotive!

We borrowed saddle staplers from two people and they lent us identical tools!
I'm gonna cross return them so both tools will have a radical lifestyle change that won't be noticed by their owner.

We love them! 16 pages of funny on %100 recycled paper.

They looks so sharp it's hard to believe that we came up with all of this from scratch.

Reading it to our two headed baby.

"Some assembly required" part of making this progect affordable is throwing in a lot of "sweat equity". We are doing the stapling and collating and getting a lot of money off for it.

Want one? Find me on the Facebook or better yet come to the many shows I do every week. Open Mic Thursday @ Flying Cat Coffee is a good start!

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