Monday, October 25, 2010

mobile art show on hawthorne street with Naomi Seraphina

Chance meeting?


My art show packs on my bike (thanks Topher)and I got to pay the child suports even if I'm not allowed to see them. So I wonder down to different corners when I have time and spin the wheel of chance. On this day I landed on Hawthorne street in the South East Of Portland.

After crusing up and down the main drag I decided on a spot next to my friend Naomi.

I like my set up and it works great.

The hard part is finding something to do while I wait (and worry) and deflecting bums and heavy smokers who make it hard for people to stop and look at my work. Landing next to the grand art show!

Setting up next to Naomi Seraphina was a brilliant stroke of luck.
She had already sold some stuff by the time I got there and gladly offered to help me set up. I'm glad we hit it off. I'm not surprised her art work sells quick. Her stuff is amazing and fun and priced to sell. She is so "in" all her work you can see her there...poifect!

She told me that she used to live nearby but now she has to pack that whole set up and take two buses. It's a hassle but she had a bill to pay. She was glad she came.

We had both did our thing on Alberta street but never spoke too much for no apparent reason. Turns out we have a few things in common like the non sexual romance we each had at one time with Ms.Hera Star.We are both NE witchy circus royalty from the gate and we both know a lot about getting over addictions and negative influences.

Great to remeet you Naomi! I'm so eager for us to pop out of the same pavement again!

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