Sunday, October 17, 2010


here are some photos from doing the Freakland Circus. It's not the plot or all the characters by any stretch just what I had time to take while rehearsing and right before we went on. You can see us in November so stay tuned!


(Singing) I'm inna dressing rooooom wit da fine laydees! Usually it takes them about 30 seconds to realize i have no business in there (good lookin out Wendy in Long Beach). This cast didn't even care when i broke out the camera!!!


Airbrushing and makeup dept.

members of the cast that don't say much...they just sell merch (the gas mask once belonged to my daughter circa 1999).

Amy Elle Bordeaux

The live parts show in the middle.

The space used to be a Dodge dealership!

Expert make up by Shashonna.

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