Sunday, October 03, 2010

ALAMO City to recharge and intoduce Olive to da Rents!

My babies are being kept from me for no good reason.
I have been a devoted father my kids whole lives. Every day that I cant be protecting them, nurturing them and loving them is a powerful drain on my every hour.
I'm no good to anyone as an upset worry wart so I agreed when the families of Olive and I got together and raised money for us to go spend a week in my home town of San Antonio Texas.My Mom was THRILLED to see me and of course she fell right in love with Olive Rootbeer.
I am a family man and I needed the love of my family in this very dark time.

I have never been so far away from my babies in time and space. It felt like i had a baseball in my throat. I kept reminding myself that it's a healing mission as well as a diplomatic one.

I decided to go see for myself if indeed there was a basement in the Alamo.Well it turns out that there is no basement but there is a tunnel.I would have more news about it but a fight broke out and our informant had to split before showing us.

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