Sunday, September 12, 2010

best part of a great day.

An attractive woman stops her van in the street as I'm riding home.She sez "I got something for you! as she jumped out the truck. At first I was afraid! I didn't know if she had a weapon or a box of crackers! She handed me $20 and said "I told you I would give you that. I like your blog."
I became a mouth breather for a few moments as my senses drank her whole encounter in. Then she reached in the back of her van and gave me a tub of Honey!!!!
What a sweetheart!
Olive loves honey. Now this fine lady (who I soon realized was a woman called Kate) was a former patron of my honey selling enterprise of two or so years ago.
I'm touched...I feel like I was rewarded for just being myself.
Olive Rootbeer was very happy to hear of this. I bet she would love to meet this lady.

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