Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Visiting the Burger Bar in Kalama WA.

We were playing a game where you find words in the surroundings for all the letters of the Alphabet. After a while we were all looking around and saying "Found a "M word" now we are looking for an "N word" anyone see a good N word?...um...lets play another game." Then we saw a sign for a place called "The Burger Bar" we (the three men began chanting "Burger Bar Burger Bar" and then we stopped in Kalama!

Olive cant eat anything there but she still had fun.

Great food for the rest of us WOW I love a good burger. The place kind of looks like the lobby of the bathroom in an US NAVY aircraft carrier. That's not a dis I love the U.S. Armed forces. The counter person really earned her tip (zero) with her friendliness but the local kids were quite friendly.
We found a hunters supply catalog in a recycling bucket and were mortified at what some people do to animals for fun.

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