Saturday, August 21, 2010

This is rough but it's real.

It's not realistic to think that I just fall around Portland and people just give me a living.
I do get treated pretty good by the people of Portland but some folks don't like me at all.
I'm so sorry I had to bring this heavy post to a blog i love. It's just really upsetting to feel my kids calling but forever can't come to them.
The post below is from a man who helped a lady push out two kids and stood by the whole time being a worker, father, husband, for many many years my family treated me like gold.
Now history is being changed like it never happened.
In all the years I have been taking care of my kids I have never NEVER had a problem. No hospital visits, no police reports no nothing! They are being kept from me against their will.
So see. it's heavy and again I'm sorry that my last line of communication is my beloved blog.
All the rest of the articles after that are just about Rootbeer and I making a living as clowns. Click the above title to see a brand new blog I created about those wacky Rubber Chickens!

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