Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Locking and Loading...going to Longbeach WA. for jake the alligator man

Once again we go to Long Beach Washington for a gig celebrating Jake the Alligator man. I feel like it's also celebrating this unique town in Washington State and it's colorful people.
The trip traditionally has been Olive Rootbeer, Me, Uncle Jay, Kadin Danger (his son) and a dog of some kind. In this episode and the last; the part of the Clown's dog was played by Captain Fred!!!
(First a quick De-Fleaing)
Click above for the skinny on the gig.

Meet Uncle Jay (of Alberta pier). He had thrown some fish bodies in his alley to ward off teenagers who were drinking back there so I re-named his stinky back alley Alberta Pier.

Uncle Jay is great with ropes...

I apparently tie bikes down with balloons.

One of our Jousting Poles got quite randomly crowned with an image of Ernesto "Che" Guevara one Alberta Street night. I wonder how that will go over?
I was hoping to bring Tall Bike Jousting to another town.

I hope Kadin Danger sees me as kind of like an Uncle (cuz I see him as a forklift).

"I love you Olive thank you for making my life such a joy to live"

I love Uncle Jay's backyard.

Taking a ceremonial air poop to christen the trip.

The Two finger forklift!

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