Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I love working with people who can turn day into night and night into...night.

I don't want to say or show too much about the MOvie we have been working on called "A Freakland Circus" because I want you to feel the experience. This is a horror flick with a great set of (shall we say...) bonus features.
Olive and I don't have horrific roles...we are the Heart of the film so we have the daunting task of looking like we are in love with each other. We practiced a lot.
So hot off the press here is the Movie Trailor for ya.
Our story begins with this lady who misses the train...but the train doesn't miss her!!!!


I love my character "Curtis"'s pad so much I wouldn't mind living in it.

The bed rolls out!

Going over lines while waiting to be called.


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