Sunday, June 27, 2010

Finished "Fried Chicken"

I also call it "Not the son his mama raised" or " Old Sparky".

Would this look good over your toilet?
Become my Facebook friend and tell me ya have $200 American or ya wanna make a trade!

@home alone

I'm having fum listening to the fat kids next door play football. 10 sec. of action then 10 min. of arguing.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Right now...outside our place we hear SKREEEECH POW tinkle tinkle scream!now O is out there wrapping our towles and blankets round the driver, an SUV is crunched into a brick wall.

Sirens... lots of hairy backed half naked apartment people are standing around gawking.
Our neighbor pointed out that the guy she crossed two lanes of oncoming traffic to hit apparently looked like he had just ate a Jalapeno pepper...with his eye lids! Looks like may have just been an honest METHstake

That works!

FIREWORKS TIME!!!Fireworks in grocery stores now. HORDE HORDE If you need my services for anything you can get VERY far by bribing me with fireworks. Wanna really grease my pampers? (no)then dole them out to me in November or March...I will LOVE you for it.

She is actually driving...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paintings I'm offering for sale or trade.I really need a good digital camera.

"Chicken in Turkey" $100

It's great to kiss a lot while the paint dries.

I have most sizes of OPen Mic shirts, ONLY $10 If you need any bigger than 2x I need to order it with the next run.

"Little red" ($80)12x17 hunk of paper with the classic story of interwilderness shipping.

Trojan Rubber Chix of TROY! ($500)One of the first paintings I ever did. This is the one that made me realize I could make a sieries of Rubber Chicken paintings.

"There is life on Enoh 7" ($80)is a 12x17 piece of paper depicting NASA using rubber chickens to flush out interstellar octopoids

Giant painting small price "The page of birds" $200 I painted this with the idea of doing the entire pack of tarot cards. Thats 82 frikkin paintings!In the end I was happy with this one.

The Ice Age! $500 One of the first ones. The story goes...Man crosses ice bridge over glacier and hunts native Rubber chix to extinction. That is why all rubber chickens come from China.

Kong in Blue $300 I decided to salute my favorite ape by painting him in shades of blue.

show @ the Alberta Rose click here!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

This makes me feel better when I'm down...i relate

Sad day...I'm staying home

My kids are being kept from me for no good reason.
I'm surrounded by delighted children all day but not the two children I care for more than any.
My woman went to go see her Dad so I'm just hanging out in my kids room thinking about them and sending them love.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lippman's Liked us!

They welcomed us into the fold after we led a bike ride called "Pedal Balloonza". We have been buying a lot of balloons from them lately and we are starting to get to know them.
This event is another great example of Lippman's really taking care of customers.
We met at 3 and spent an hour decorating bikes with the little kids. I'm not great at balloons so a kid called Andy and Olive Rootbeer pumped (pun) those balloons out! I was the leader and D.J. I'm better at talking and doing little stunts for the kids so I posed for photos and filled the air with Ska music.

Before we left the house I had programed 15 or so kid songs and mostly wordless techno music.
They loved the music bike and Lippman's gave it a ginormus happy faced balloon.
When we started the ride I really gave the sound system some juice and the crowd pulled out into the street.Happy healthy people rolling!
We made our way down Water Street to the Esplanade dancing, yelling and cheering.
I was soon surrounded by 5 or so eight year olds. They rode in a tight formation around my tall bike like dolphins. They did this a lot of the way I was impressed!
The little kids took FOREVER and the bigger kids were far ahead so I was glad to be able to see far from my tall bike.
Lots of little kids did really well for the length of the ride. Three little kids shot ahead and found themselves staring at some home bums who were yelling questions at them. " Whats dis all about?" they didn't say a word and as soon as I caught up we left. GOOD JOB don't talk to strangers. Portland LOVED us. People cheered us at all points and as soon as we got back large drops of rain begun splashing all around. I felt like we crossed a finish line just in time!
I love surrounding myself with winners.
Thanks Lippman's!

I already miss this painting but I'm also glad it went to a fellow who is Super Stoked to have it.

SOLD! "The Four Chickens of th Epoxyclips" The Four chickens are here being ridden by... (From L-R) Jake from Pearl-berta, Problems with plumbing the clown, High Fructose, and Jade who is Snow White's "Gothic" little sister.
I painted this in 2006 and it's hung in 12 installations around town but never sold. I wondered "Who would pay a couple hundred bucks for a painting that offends religious folks?" answer: A Satanic Rockabilly guy who has a good construction job. Now I just hope he don't kill me to make the painting more valuable.

I love how this dude's home stereo speakers are a stack of guitar amps. When he rocks it sounds LIVE!

It seems that for whatever reason....

I have spent hours and hour with my ass in a bike saddle.
We just got back from the Prom ride and it was romantic and fun.

Tomorrow is pedal ballonza at Lippman's thats a bike ride that starts at 3. We will try to be at Sat. Market as soon as we wake up to go hussle out rentziz and child supports.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

i miss my family so much

When my eyes are open I see paradise! Things are comfortable and always in a state of growth. When I close my eyes I only see the parts of me that are missing and it never goes away.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Three cheers for Elastic waistbands!

They leave unpleasant looking racing stripes when the are too tight and make you have to pee more often but at least U P quicker. Best part is they don't fall down off your ass and expose your pencil holder while yer riding a bike

I love this song click here

Bowie VS Prince ride! See's slideshow click here.

We were done working and ran into this ride the other night. They were so grand we couldn't resist being drawn into the mob of 80 or so cyclists.This mob was very Tall Bike friendly to Olive and I. She had such wide eyes and great spirit! One of the coolest things I saw was four cyclists corking the road and the only car was the Portland Police who were totally cool about it. FUN RIDE!we did lots of ass shaking.
It's funny...dark quiet hear a slight beat then the ping!of a bike bell. soon you see a sea of lights! they are all bikes and they are moving fast. Costumed wierdos zip by too many to count. Really quick the street is so full of bikes, sound, laughter and light. When you are in the ride it's not chaotic..everyone is going around the same speed so it looks like a floating living room. People are having conversations and dancing while the mob is pouring through the dark streets. Rides like this are frequent in Portland and they have been at least since I got here in aught 96'.
If you don't join the ride then the street returns to dark and silent. If you tarry getting your bike together and try to find them after they turn a few corners GOOD LUCK!
I love Portland!

What a day in Portland

YEEEEAH! I just got back from the pOrtland Sat.Market where O and I were making a great living entertaining the kids and making balloons. The big stage sat there for hours with the PA on and no entertainers anywhere.Thousands of happy people just like I like it.
Olive made some sweet sculptures and I guess I will be appearing in a lot of photo albums because TONS of people took photos of us and our Tall Bikes.
I loved all the diversity of people Old, New, local and visitors.
Now we are going out of town to be with Olive's family.
I miss my family.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Help the Joustdown!

Anyone want to ride a tall bike from NE 24th and Alberta to SE 20th and Belmont?
It's a little one of only two frames but it's JANKEY from countless battles on the pavement.We need it for the Stumptown Joustdown and I don't have a vehicle. It's outside the Star E Rose and it's not locked up. There are also two super long lances if you feel really squirrely.

Olive and I made a sweet new best friend in Alabama!

Welcome to our mutual admiration society C.R.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Stumptown Joustdown SAT.@2

I'm hosting with lots of friends attending as well. Col Sumners park many bikes will collide into each other for the amusement of fans.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I once (last month) took my amp apart looking for a buzzing noise. With a screwdriver I quickly broke it down into a pile of debris. I found the spot where the buzz comes from but never knew what to do about it. I also couldn't put it back together.
I once (last month) also thought to buy a cheap soldering gun (didn't get any wire). I looked at my new tool through the debris field and thought "Damn I wish I could blame you for this."
So now I know I suck at this...The amp is still a mess in a closet. Now here's the problem...
Two channels went out on my P.A. tonight. I think if I can take it apart I can diagnose the problem. On one hand; I know I suck at electronics..On the other hand; I still have a screwdriver.
Sometimes chicken sometimes feathers!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Stumptown JOustdown This SAT. Col sumners Park 2pm

Thank You Yakima! Last night I picked up a bag-o-shwag from the Yakima company..(look em up)They gave us hats, shirts, bike stuff..pretty cool! This is prize matierial for the Stump Town Joust Down this SAT! Trophies donated and manufactured by Meticon Bikes!
Jacobo is way too layed up after the big accident to joust as he normally does but I talked to him today and he feels good enough to show up and help me co host. He won't be saying much because his jaw is wired shut but he will be making expressions.

OPen Mic tonight!

If you want on the list the sign up is at 7.

We have put that fishy flier all over creation and some of the coolest talent is already happy to play this very well accepted open mic.
Hope to see you!

Monday, June 07, 2010

almost recognized

I was buying two milks in anticipation of my son visiting. The guy recognized me from doing the Sideshow downtown. He didn't remember my name but he remembered Willaim Batty so thats good enough for me. "Dingo thats right..what brings you into my store clown?" I looked at the milk.."You have nice jugs sir."

Heya! Anyone who ordered 2x shirts they are being printed this week and mailed out as soon as I get them. (singing)Thaaaaaaaaanky!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

re creating a painting to send down south.

Before sending dis hencho de Portland painting to Alabama we all thought it best to take the art on a ride around the land of it's origin. I'm also wearing an infamous Dingo shirt I"m mailing for it to have XXtra culture

Package of love to Alabama

We gained a new close friend and an art patron one day when a nice lady saw some of my paintings on this blog and ordered herself and her daughter a couple. Olive and I have been working on them during the rains so we stay productive.
This is a crappy photo of a sweet painting the way it is ready to ship to the great state of Alabama. We still have to give it a tall bike ride and dumpster some shipping materials.

This is how the Monkey painting started.

Olive and I are a great team. I come up with layouts and she renders them like an old pro.
She had no problem getting in there and painting over large swaths of my art...she clear cut my painting!!!!

hahahahaw! I don't mind...she is a bad ass woman and deserves full credit for making magic happen all around her. I love Olive's artwork.

Thank You Olive ...I'm so lucky we are partners! We meet each other Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually. We show each other how to pray and how to play...You treat my kids as your own. Thank YOU!

Sorry I had to post dirty laundry yall...

Mufasa is getting bothered by those hyenas. They are using really shitty tactics to make trouble for me. If anything happens to me I want a lot of folks to know where it came from.