Friday, December 18, 2009


I used to work for the corporate circus...not as a clown, I wasn't an entertainer at all . Back then I was a "Butcher" that means I sold Pop corn to the crowd. My comish was 10%, thats a hell of a lot of money when you are working stadiums. I came to learn that the circus makes it's money from the concessions and the frikkin Shriners or who ever hires the show get the door money.
My micro circus show here in Beantown is no different, We just got a commercial popcorn maker and I want to use it as soon as possible.
The more dough I make from consissions the less I have to charge the bar or cafe I'm working for dig it?
Here's the dealio...
I don't want the paper bags that come with selling pop corn. That's not at all what I am about my friends, I'm only into creating a debris field whithin the confines of the big top.
My question is....what can I use to deliver pop corn to the people thats not made out of wasteful packaging?
Banana leaf?
Wiffle balls?
string? is itall chained by string and sold for $25 a strand?

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