Thursday, October 22, 2009

They wouldn't let me take photos last night at the show.

I thought it was curious...I was just taking a quick snap shot of Sadie La Guerre and William Batty (my fave two circus bosses) when our friend told me they don't allow photos.
I wondered why...then I looked around...nude or nudish ladies everywhere.
HEHE with my current living situation I guess I'm indifferent to the sight of lady biddness and didn't realize that photos of thiese women would be worth a lot of money to some so they strictly forbid photos...makes sense.

At most venues we enjoy being the nudest and most attention grabbing acts of the night but not here. The Devils Point Dancers attract a lot of folks who would normally never see an underground circus sideshow. The people I saw had another thing I'm not used to seeing at our normal shows, BIG ASS FANCY cars, trucks and motorbikes. I'm used to shows where people come out sporting new skate boards and tall bikes.
I took the above photos of our fire hula hooper with the flash off and before I knew about the no cam rule.
And then again outside with her date. The camera works way better outside but I didn't want to be sticking a camera in everyone's face.

My sideshow safety net...Natasha and William Batty I wouldn't want to do this without the above title to see where the great sanctioned photos live.

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