Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My bike, cut in half and thrown on the scrap truck.NOW FIXED!!!!

Here it is folks a sorry sight indeed.
I hear it was personal and I'm not surprised.
If tv has taught me anything I know that they are jealous of my freedom (lol just kidding).
Several tallbikes were stolen and the Behemoth cut in two.
 Now I have the job of using the setback to grow stronger...enter my old friend Toaster the Builder he is the guy who built most of our bikes.
 He and Jonny D. found the Behemoth in the scrap heap.

I have to answer to him about his bikes, sometimes I have crappy answers!
"Dingo what happened to Broadzilla?"
"Forks flew off during a stunt...sorry"
"Where is the Spin Cycle?"
"Stolen man, some dude took off with it."
"Cut in half by homebums."
I never thought anything would ever happen to the Behemoth...it's just so darn big!

Toaster was so fed up with the cowardice of that act that he sat in his workshop and re-built the Behemoth. Now I have it here and it works better than before.
I got lucky, they hit the puppet instead of the hand and to show my appreciation for that I'm gonna go ahead and forgive who ever knucklehead hates me so.
I love that my bike (and magic wand) has scars now.

Quick blessing from the Kalisti.

Toaster you are the best! Thank you so much!

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