Friday, October 16, 2009

It's raining again!

I was happy to know that Juan Prophet Organization was playing during the Sideshow Speakeasy.Click above for the J.P.O. website.

View from the stage (before any muppets show up).

I have become a huge fan of Jane Power in the three or so shows we did together.Olive Rootbeer loves her moves too.

Stunning jump on a unicycle by Vaughn, a master juggler who has discovered how to strip on a unicycle and to Motley Crue music!

The gigs are done and I'm at home waiting for the chaos that is my wonderful kids to arrive in a few hours.
The rain is a bummer to some but to me it's a windfall. People go to nightclubs and cafes during soggy weather not sunny summer goodness. Why see clowns in a bar when you can shag in a park right?
So the Dantes show was packed and it surprised us because everyone came in at once and a little late.
We were looking at an empty house and getting ready to fall on our swords but I turned around to find the room full of faces...many people I have never seen (GLEEEE!).
I guess word has gotten around that our sexy little show is a fun night out for groups of friends because a woman had her bachelorette party there at Dantes with us.
Our show is more like making balloon animals with condoms than Tijuana Donkey show.
I asked one of her friends why they came and she said told me that they wanted to have a naughty night without it being some kind of a porno nightmare that you might find downtown PDX in the late night hours.
I think we fit the bill pretty well...on the flip side I was glad to hear that she had no idea what our reputations are in Portland.

Curtis Carlyle is really fun to photograph because he is part very still and part moving fast so his shots look awesome.
What the photos don't show is that he is wildly talented and maybe the best at mixing funny with skill I know working today.

I was playing banjo and eating a lightbulb in a bed of busted glass. The dope with the camera was too bashful to take any useful photos so all I have for you is my cut up lips. That's not a trick's a real 75 watt lightbulb.
Now I have a tooth ache and I hope it;s not related to lightbulb glass.

The show was really good and the performers earned the money that night.
Some overzealous W.U.Y.A? contestants went WAY overboard during the act and the bouncer had to come on stage and drag them off.
By the time I payed out my people and got to the car there was a $100 ticket for parking in front of a fire hydrant DARN! there goes the windfall, now I'm back to square one.
Lots of ups and downs but at least the show went well and all the people were happy.
We took the long ride home in a car with one headlamp.
At the end I couldn't find any way to complain about the things that went wrong...I'm having too much fun to bitch.
I didn't make any money after all but we are now that much closer to a national tour when we do great shows like this one.
At home I got be with my woman and have amazing adventures so I guess it all evened out.
Ya win some ya lose some and if you can enjoy the ride sometimes thats gotta be good enough.

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