Sunday, October 04, 2009

I had to re-deploy the flop house bike.

Yup the house bike was were I lived for a long time. I didn't think I would live anywhere else. No rent to throw down the toilette, a different back yard every day, I get to live outside whatever venue I'm working at, It was also very powerful to create an altar/temple that I can move around in.
I wrote my plans all over the inside walls in runes so I had no choice every day but to view my spells and solidify my was a blast!
I didn't think I would ever live anywhere else...
Then I met "the Kalisti" as I call them, Maya and Olive two over the top, hot 19 Y-olds...and once again my world was torn asunder.
They needed a "heavy" to keep the weirdos away from them.
As it life in Texas was brutal and for the most part sucked but I did come away from the lone star state being somewhat of a bad muther fucker when I'm think I need to be so I moved in with them.

I knew with such tight quarters (in the house bike)I would need a small girlfriend to fit in with me.
In the house I was in (before the house bike) I would daily cast spells beckoning my mate...I had no idea who she was... but the brass fairy that I used to represent my mate looks just like Olive.
Needless to say Romance struck and I parked my house bike outside her apartment and used its temple for casting spells, solitude and smoking weed.
I love living with the Kalisti...they don't drink, smoke, they are really smart, they make as much dough as me and they are so frikking hot that I'm immune to any woman who wants to use beauty to influence my decision making.
WELL I been here all winter and the land lady sent a note "Get rid of the rig!"
So once again the flying flop house took to the streets to find new mooring.

It takes a moment to unbuckle the thing and get it on the road.

The bike is permanently attached to the house part. On the way to the new spot, it started raining.

New mooring!

One side is painted green for "Camo" and the other side is a slick silver pattern, hiding and being seen are both important when you live in a house bike.

here are some shots from last year.
See I could be here for months and you would never know I was there...and at the same time this rig has a projector and a PA thats LOUD.

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