Monday, October 05, 2009

I did a lot of living in those 24 hours.

I got to share something special with my daughter...The Rocky Horror Picture Show!
She is finally of age that we can watch this movie together and someday soon Go!
My body was really feverish and I was sick but I still could enjoy this right of passage shared with my beloved baby girl.
We watched the movie and talked about it then I passed out. I had no idea how eventful the next day would be.
I first woke to heavy pain from the swollen lymph nodes in my neck; I couldn't swallow and
my head was pounding. It was pretty bad...then Olive began to wake up and discover her man as she does every morning. She wakes me up with fact we both had a couple of enthusiasms before Olive shot out of bed to make breakfast for the kiddos and get to work. I couldn't move.
We were scheduled to be in a music video on the other side of town and Olive had to go to "Dayjob".
I was in so much pain that I decided I needed to go to a doc and not got to the video shoot...thats a big blow.
We hussled the kids together and we all went to the doc, I stayed Olive took my kids to work with her. I payed a hundred bucks, the lady stuck a stick in my mouth for a swab test.
She put it in the mail for the lab and wrote me a prescription for some super mouthwash.
In that cold morning it took a lot of effort to get my kids from Olive's work and march usthe 11 or so blocks to the pharmacy.
I waited in line to get my meds with my little one. Somehow he decided to just run off and I was in such a daze I didn't notice for a few seconds...thats all it took to lose him.
I had run off and not get my meds. eventually I found him and gave him some bitching about running off.
Well...I was gonna go back in but my neck had gone down quite a bit and I was swallowing again. So I guess it was just all about paying money and waiting.
While I was waiting i gots to thinking about the video...then my phone rang, it was Toaster and he waS UPSET!
Someone had stolen one of our tal bikes and the other one "The Behemoth" had been sawed in two and thrown on a scrap truck.
He had the pieces and was towing it home, he isn't thinking the thing will ever ride again.
As I found this out another patron of mine showed up and paid me for an extended weekend of crowd control I did last week. I got a fat wad of money right after losing the cream of the fleet. I also got a double sized contract for next time so I will be able to hire more of my friends, it's a great opportunity.
I had to take a few busses to get my kids to mama's house, the boy was on my NERVES!
We got to the house and I didn't want to be away from my babies but I had to let them go.
I bawled a lot as I walked to the busses. It was one of those cool moments where all the busses I needed came correctly on time so I never waited at all.
I got home and Olive was waiting to shag me six ways to sunday, after some loving she took really good care of me by whipping out great food and conversation.
Then I had to go to work hosting an event, it was LONG and LOUD but I was in good spirits and I loved being in a big crowd.
When I got home I gave Olive a long back rub until she crashed out and then myself slept on the floor next to her.
One thing is for sure about Last Sunday I did a lot of living in those 24 hours.
My night had many more ups and downs...

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