Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Show at Dante's tonight! Sideshow Speakeasy

Here is a quote from earlier today as I and the lovely Juniper where talking about the show.
I asked her why she wanted me to hook her up with a bug eating contest done with a nude woman as the table.


I feel the experience of eating bugs off of a naked lady is missing from my life, and if I get to simultaneously fill that experience gap while winning a contest and giving a crowd a good time, well, I think everyone wins."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

From last Wed at the Sideshow Speakeasy!

Miss Jane Power!

At the Bike Fights and Jello Wrestling!!

One Halloween this dude showed up at my doorstep dressed AS ME!!!
He jousted well the other night.

Olive Rootbeer passing out fliers to the Jello Wrestling going on later that night.

This is what I ride to work.

Add a crowd and I'm a happy camper.

Thanks Nathan for all the tape!

The Village Ballroom is HUGE!

Some really homophobic chaps came in and were so distressed when they found sexy men wrestling. "HELL FUCKIN NO! DATS SUM Faggit Shit" and they stormed out.
It was so awesome because if they had stayed for a few moments more they would have seen lots of women wrestling and soon they were topless tag team wrestling with two Lucky fellas!.
The Pig Headed sexists didn't deserve to see our splendid display by a long shot and they dealt themselves out. Good thing they did... we would have never gotten rid of them.
HAHAHA! How Poetic!
15 hours after we began it was over and we were home safe in SE PDX.
We had fun, made great money and got to participate in one helluva rockin gladiator combat night!
Thankfully Olive is happy top pull my boots off after a grueling night of Tall bike jousting and jello wrestling.

Friday, September 25, 2009

got a letter from Anti-Clown (our drummer and a big ass hippy clown)

what's up baby!!!??

i'm down here in se florida!!! in a place calle Okeechobee~ probably a lot like "crusty" TX, or wherever the fuck you're from...
except more alligators!!!

hey, i was on the internet and somehow came across the info that the creator of Bozo the Clown, Alan Livingston, died this year!!!

and THEN i somehow came across the info that the bro who "acted" as Bozo, Larry Harmon, died last year!!! RIP, and many blessings!!!

and THEN i somehow came across the info that co-creator of D&D, Dave Arneson, died this year!!!

and THEN i somehow came across the info that co-creator of D&D, Gary Gygax (yeah you know THAT name!!!), died LAST year!!!!
blessings upon their souls!!!!


anyway, just thought you should know, if you didn't already....

big bless!!!!

hope all you pizzas and b-day cakes are the best ever!!!!

much fantastical clown love!!!!

your GuRu,

I forgot the key to the Tall Bikes!

Darn it! We got to Alberta Street where we were hosting the Tall Bike Jousts and it dawned on me that i forgot the frikking keys to the fighting bikes.
Rather than wait for the key i asked my associate and tall bike pit monkey to bust the bikes out. Thanks Xuacobo!

Thanks everyone who worked on the Tall Bike fights it was an amazing success!


Saying goodby to my woman before she goes to school and Anna Jane and I got to work.

It was our last night working at Devil's Point and one of Olive Rootbeer's first school nights.

This woman goes over me with a fine tooth comb every day...I think she enjoys getting her man ready for battle!

Can't deny Anna Jane any lovin!

forks mangled by jousting fixed by "Toaster" just in time for battle!

I asked Toaster to build me a tall bike frame that could really take a beating and he built "The Party" it did fit the bill.
The thing is; it's design puts the front forks in jeprody because it's the first part of the bike that gets involved in the horrendous collisions.

"Twitch took lots of photos of last night...we will see how they come out.

The bike takes a beating but still is cool enough that my 11 year old can ride it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

The magic of Andrea Arbuckle

Fall season: I wonder if I will ever finish playing a song before wierdness happens?

I'm working to having a real live song to play during shows.
I use my banjo as a drum, a weapon, a canoe paddle and I play lots of music during my act with the banjo... I just don't ever play any songs.

Maybe an adventure song...or a dirge.

playing football with Olive's lil bro Liam and my son Bruce.

My boy sucks at Football...he throws like a three year old.

See...he is happy to sing a song with the ball on his head!
Now Liam is happy to toss the ball.

This kid knows his stuff. He throws me a perfect spiral pass!

Too bad I suck at Football too!
I would have an easier time catching herpes from a rattle snake than catching that ball.
It's ok...I can't see this mess from my house.

We left a note (written in eyeliner pencil) so the owners of this car know how good a throw it was.

And they all lived happily after.