Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I sold a painting!

It was for $200 isn't that amazing...well let me be clear with you.
I have sold paintings for up to $600 back in the heyday of the Rubber Chicken boon.
This one is special because it was sooooo easy to do.
This painting my friend commissioned had little to no detail and it was all one color.
WTF? thats like some art school assignment or sumpin I'm just a clown.
The man commissioned me to take a five gallon bucket full of "Eggshell White" paint and create a "Piece" that covers the whole entirety of his livingroom, hallway and dining rooms every inch!
I guess this guy really loves my art because he wants me to come back and do another "piece" when he gets his next check.
How profound...I call it "three rooms and a hall".

what my lunch sees!

What Bruce sees...

what don the manger of subway sees...

never stops blowing my mind

oh my goddess I feel like such a lucky fellah.
I live with two amazing women that I get to hang out with every day.
watching them stretch, can be distracting but I'm getting used to it after almost a year.

Maya has a man friend and we al know about Olive and my romance, it's a great time to be alive in Portland.
I like our conversations a lot too, it's hard to find people to talk to sometimes.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Multinomah County Bike fair 2009

Most of my photos are taken while things are still getting underway, during the action, I'm usually too busy to snap photos.


I have never seen a society so into name dropping itself.
Some Portland bike gangs will have clever names or huge banners but not actually do anything.
The Drop Out Bike Club was in charge of this event and they did a magnificent job.
It was funny to see a guy with the space on his back thats the shape of the Drop Out back patch...I guess he got kicked out?
Dutch was the man at the helm and he did really well considering everyone was getting marching orders from him.
This is Bump with a Drop Out logo drawn on...I wonder how he bent his arms back like that?

6 eyed Tim Tim pregnant with green gut baby conceived in the Col.Sumner's park bathroom GO TIM TIM WOOOOOOOOOO!

This thing makes coffee as well as does sound.

Where the magic happens...behind all those people is my "office".

It was like working with an old friend...the Spin Cycle that is...

Why are all of our events so full of sulfur?

Trust me, this stuff we do could land you in the hospital.
Sage was doing the Chicken Joust (thats jousting on the shoulders of another person.
His head it pavement hard and I really hope he is ok.

This is "Toy Cascade"letting everyone know whats going on.

Great day for the fair!
Sage I'm praying for ya man!
click the above title for more photos.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Last Thursday Alberta june 2009, I didn't get what I wanted but I am so glad I came.

Folk rock star "Pandi" from Seattle came down to help me build a fire on Alberta street.

Pandi always rolls with a bear in case you didn't already know.

I love this part...

The jello wrestling situation was looking grim, I didn't have the support or weather I needed. I gave up my regular gig to do this so I was pretty sad...that's a lot of cash lost.
I'm used to having success in business...I'm used to winning the game damn it!
Jello-land had me really down...so Olive took me up, on our tall bikes to tour the party and feel better.

Click this pic (below)and you will see that the human tide keeps going and going into the horizon.
This is not a community festival with a couple hundred souls...this is thousands of people...they went on and on for at least a mile.
From the bike I had an amazing view of what was ahead, Gorgeous view, wonderful day, amazing company...that made me happy.

I was feeling better but seeing our friends doing so well reminded me of how bad I was sucking.
I didn't immediately notice that when Olive wasn't looking at the road and negotiating the crowd...she was looking at me.
Then I did feel her gaze, her smile and her desire.
Olive pulled me off my bike and dragged me into the closest restaurant bathroom we could find.
I had no choice as she pulled my clothes off...kissing me and telling me how much she really loves her man.

We made love like rockstars (GO GO VASECTOMY TWIN!!!!)until the knocking at the door became really intense...

I guess there were people out there that actually had to go to the restroom...buncha jerks!
Ya gotta love a line of frustrated people who are all dancing on one leg... looking at a grinning couple strolling out of a steamy bathroom.
We do this a lot
We hit the streets and I did feel much better.

Hey! A boat on stilts with a sea sick crew!

We got to our spot and Jonny D. was dressed in a tux coat like mine and he had formed a band around my bike.
Not a lot of people would be delighted to turn a corner and see three people beating on thier bike...I was though.

We played a long time well into the night. In the end the band we created sounded great, the bike was loud enough, the batteries lasted long enough and the bear was funny.
Pandi sounded amazing while adding her songs to Jonny D.'s singing and the bike band sound.
I remember when Last Thursday on Alberta street was 30 people displaying paintings on the side of the road and everyone else called it "White night".
Now it's another neighborhood and a monster of a party.

We rocked it...then had a long romantic tallbike ride home followed by quite a bit more love making! We are together almost a year now and what a happy time it's been. I fall in love with her again every day ...and every adventure we come closer.

I guess even bad nights work out in Portland...I love my life.

Alright you blogger-reada-rooses... this is Olive Rootbeer and we've got an assignment for ya: First thing ask your lover out to a rootbeer-date and use then use it as an excuse to get 'em in a public bathroom where you shag them six ways to sunday.
If you are single, replace "lover" with "masturbate" and if you still live with your parents you are excused from this assignment.