Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dingo Dizmal seeks ride from PDX to Seattle! Got a car?

Hi friends!
i'm looking to find a companion with a car and maybe some talent to drive Olive and I out to Seattle for a big Rock and Roll show this Saturday.
I want to leave Fri. night and come back Sun. day.
I'm hosting.a show in a bar called the Blue Moon .
Above are the particulars...
WOW, it's a good deal for someone who has the weekend free and a legal vehicle for us to ride in,
Our driver/show mate gets the whole fun rock star trip, a third cut of the $100 base pay plus your finger in any of the other honey pots we dig up.
I'm looking for some one who's vehicle can carry two or three tall bikes but thats not nessisary.
I'm also hoping to find a companion who's personality works well on stage, it's just the two of us for this show so we may need all the help we can get!
I got the gas, food and some Afghani Goo!
We are not fans of cigarettes but we both like bad heavy metal music and books on tape!
If a lot of us want to go we should get a hotel room or two.

"The Party" is back in action!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

from my sketch obsession idea

The Medieval Plague Doctor....
Yeah he existed back sometime before television, roaming the countryside giving plague victims diarrhea for 30 florins a month.

I decided to monkey with the idea and see if I can't create a good circus logo.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I rode the new circus bike into the ground...but it's a good thing

This bike is called "The Party" it just came together last week for use in this summer season of bike rodeos, parades, festivals and all the other stuff we get hired out to do.

Toaster designed this model after I asked him to beef up the next tall bike frame to better carry the load of heavy use.
His other three bikes in our fleet are some of the best built and longest riding tall bikes in Portland.

After Toaster delivered the frame, we put it together and had my kid try it out.....gREAT RIDE!
I painted it and then used it for a week, I usually ride very tenderly but this bike is new and we don't know what it can do.
Is it a jumper?
I do know it can track forward and be ridden no handed.
It likes long jumps and slow stops, it's really fast down hills.
It's silent but has four colored lights that make patterns on the road.
I love this bike, I can't wait to see who becomes a star on it.
I rode it until the crank and pedal arm broke off!
By then one tire was scraping the front fork and the back tire was flat.

The frame is still unscathed, I just need some new components.
so today It rolled off with my two friends who had time and desire to take The Party to city bikes for all new "Heaver duty" parts.

Thanks Bil and CJ, I would go but I'm home schooling the yungins today.

Who the hell thought this would sell chicken?

This came in the mail and it struck me repulsive!
A nasty ad for an abomination wow how disgusting!

my chiddins making stuff for Free Geek

Saturday, April 25, 2009

sorry Mom...

I know a woman who runs funny, she looks like a sea bird becoming airborne while flapping out of swamp water.
Today I accidentally ran like that while trying to catch a bus...I like it.
I think I'm going to train and make it my new running style.

in Seattle close to the end of the month

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can you find the kid in this tree?

Ya may want to click on the photo for a better look.

How about this shot?

See my baby up there?

Today I used my parental right to strap a camera to my kid and send her up a tree and boy did she get good shots.
Don't worry folks, it' in her blood, she has been climbing big trees since she was a baby...used to scare the shit out of me.

mid way...

looking down at power lines...She eventually made it to the top, Olive climbed most of the way up too to back her up...

looking up at her...

Thats me...

Y'know what would get her to the ground quick? about 50 roaches...

lots of surveillance and sniper positions on this side of the tree...that is if your not screaming "YAAAAAY LOOKIT ME!"

her favorite.


Funny Photo of B.A.M. for no reason...

happy 420!

Well...let me tell ya how my noggin works...
I sold a little rubber chicken painting last night, fer 45 bucks.
She wrote me a check and it put it into my grubby little pocket and was happy.
The next day (this morning) everyone is telling me "Happy Four Twenty" and smoking weed with me before I even have a cup of coffee down my neck! In the park, in the streets...
the whole South East of Portland went to pot today, I love this town.
So I thought "Damn it's a holiday and the banks are closed"...I really wanted to cash that check so I could get some stash of my own.
I should have gone to the bank, I realized later that they may not observe the same holidays or subscribe to the same religion that my friends and I do.
Y'know what I like about Portland? Everybody smokes weed if they can..well not EVERYBODY but more people and more kinds of people than any other city I know.
I have smoked with old couples, high brass, grease monkeys and students, lawyers and grocers, portland loves weed, it's currency to some.
Another funny thing (and this might only be happening in my small circle of a few thousand friends) if someone breaks out any drug other than weed they are risking being hated, distrusted, ostracized and rebuked!
A guy asked me if I knew where to get him some powder..ooooooooh I was HOT!
I hate that stuff, powder drugs both legal and illicit are BAD yall.
When that guy asked for that mess I thought of the thousands of innocent victims of hard drugs EEEeeew!
I only have to suspect someone is on that stuff to never roll with them again.
Do I think weed should be legal?
I don't want it legal, I just want it decriminalized.
If you need it grow it, if you don't like growing things buy it from some one who does, if you can make fuel out of it MAKE FUEL!
I don't want it legal though...I want it left alone!
Do you think I want the demons who bring us tobacco to have cannabis too? No frikkin way, leave that medicine for our can be our "thing".
I can't believe that banks were "unregulated" and yet weed is "controlled"!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Topher carrying the Behemoth home. (this is my 1,505th post to this blog...yaaaay!)

I thank my lucky stars that he likes watching clowns careen around on his fantastic creations.
For a builder of such whacky creations he is actually a quiet fellow who likes soup.
His four wheeled car is the apple of my eye even as a rusty frame, I also love the watercraft he and his lady Jess build, if the world ends and civilization falls...I'm going to be living in NE Portland where my OLD friends live, those cats are all ferocious wierdos from Dekum to 40th&Killingsworth those friends are made to survive.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I must be Texan...I'm hiding from the sun...

Amazing, it's nice out and the sun is up...where am I? the dark and cool.
I spent the morning dark and cold trying to hussle a ride to the coast of Washington, after 11 am it was too late so I whimpered and looked for other things to stay busy with.
When the sun came out, I headed for the dark and quiet of Kalisti castle.
I don't like bright warm weather, this clown lives where its cold on purpose.
If there's gonna be a bright light in my face it better be a stage.
For now I have been gluing feathers on a set of human sized angel wings, when the sun goes down I will meet up with some friends and do some busking.
I was out looking at garage sales for stuffed animals to tear apart.
I'm not teaching a class in making kids cry or anything, I'm using the fur for decorating the various circus props and equipment.
Topher's newest creation is a charm to ride, I forgot what it was like riding a new Topher Tall get to hear something you don't often hear on a tall bike ... silence. Topher's bike is so well made and the parts fit together so well's silent going down the road...I'm looking for a bell that suits such a fine bike.
I love that Portland is a wonderful city that has plenty of materials out there for free or under a buck.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

from Heather Maharry School Secretary...

Hi, everybody - you're getting this email because you're all artists I know, have worked with, or done events with. As many of you know, I'm a school secretary at a NE Portland school. We are preparing for the Village Building Convergence, and part of our events for that festival will be a couple of murals on some ugly portable buildings.

Here's the trick - it's basically an unpaid gig, so it might be better for someone who's just getting started. We will showcase your work, and give you as much exposure as we can, but I'm sure you've all heard about the budget. We are preferably looking for someone who could meet with our student advisory committee during the day, and help organize the kids' ideas and turn those ideas into a design to be transferred to the buildings, which they will then paint under supervision. The actual labor will be taking place in June.

Let me know if you might be interested, and I'll put you in touch with the right people. Our student advisers meet on Wednesdays around noon. If you are not interested, but know someone who might be, please forward this email to them! Thanks, & keep on creating!

Heather Maharry
School Secretary
Rigler School

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bam helped Topher today...but was too young to get paid....

Topher brought us a new Tall bike and took the Behemoth back for much needed repairs YAY! and Bruce helped.