Saturday, January 31, 2009

photos by Olive

thanks Olive

My maneger

A.J.Rock and Kari


Come see Kelly dance tonight at Muddy's

Best Mocha in town!!

made by Sarah tha Barista!I LOVE YOU SARAH!!!!

This guy said he never let alcohol get in the way of his music...I don't think he knows what he looks and sounds like playing music drunk.

The glass for the Stunt Banjo act

this night I had some time to do my own songs

Now get some ear phones, plug them into your computor and click the title above for a virtual haircut.

I'm frustrated this morning

I keep trying to call my children to work out child care.
It's my weekend, I usually don't work when I have kids but
My gig tonight is a make up show for one that got canceled during the snow storm. I call and call but keep getting my time wasted, it's always like this.
My baby mama gave me a number to reach them...that number reaches Will, she rolls with will now.
Will was with the clown house for it's last season and was pretty funny.
Will is the guy she used to dismiss as "unreliable" and used to give me crap for making him my "Right hand man" I forgave his unreliable streak and delegated all the really important stuff to people who showed up, were on time and could play songs more than once exactly the same.
Will just kind of played Banjo with me in the yard and it was good.
Now I gotta get passed that fool to talk to my kids HELL NO!
I guess he is holding Topher's Spin cycle as payment for his services at the Clown House...I don't think he knows what it was like having him on the team.
Now I'm trying to talk to my kids and getting that same un-helpful voice and I'm frustrated!
Guess I'll just look at some pics Olive took at the show two days ago.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

they really got my name right....

The Mercury printed my letter, it's the first one.
Only they used the name on my email Swave LeStrainge
That was my stage name many moons ago.
I'm still super glad they printed my opinion.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

in Nathan B.s rafters

No need for a title...the photos tell most of the story.

What do you think happened?
M. was getting a special tattoo...she wanted O. to draw it by hand...a tat to commemorate the two's amazing friendship, they left arm in arm.
I was going out to re-stock 7 T-shirts to my favorite venue...we all said bye bye.
About 30 min's later my phone rings and they had forgotten the art.
I raced back to where they live, found the art and rode fast and hard to the tattoo place near 40th and Hawthorne.
Jerry was super nice and helpful. knowledgeable and professional, the place smelled like a hospital and was well lit.
M. was so happy she took us out to eat sushi.