Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy OOD YEAR!!!!!!

No Smoking in bars !

This is your lungs on second hand smoke.

This really opens up the venues I can work in Portland, I used to charge hazard pay to work a bar gig.
Now I can go to rock n roll shows again without my body getting so sick that it starts manufacturing it's own cheese.
Word on the street is that lots of folks are smoking Canadian and U.K. tobacco in the wake of news filtering out that a third of the American Name brand cigg's filling is newspaper soaked in "Brown Wash".
I was so happy to quit and stop the money flow to some of the countries biggest home grown killers...the tobacco/government consortium.
Your death is their industry!
Quitting did involve me willing myself so sick I couldn't smoke for a week.
I needed that "Cold Turkey Time" to get ahead of the kick.

It wasn't easy to dump the monkey.
Here is where I was on another new year...this Jan.4th or so I will be two years off the butts.
I don't sound like very long but it seems like a whole chapter or three distant from this part of the story.
I can honestly say that this has been one of the best months in the best year of my long ass life so far.
Every day I think about how lucky I am to still be alive.
NUX VOMICA is your friend in quitting, so is weed (if you eat it, I had to quit eating weed when it made me too crazy so be careful.

Nows your chance friends! I'm behind ya!, kick the habit!

My Old Lady

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Got Vasectomy?

I don't want any more rabbits!
Who knows a dick-doc?
I think I'm going to need to throw a benefit show...A cock fight and jello wrestling rock benefit!!!
Wouldn't that be such a pay for male sterilization with a rocknroll circus benefit?
I expect it to cost about $750, I don't like to buy anything without haggling.
Maybe I should find an inexpensive doc on the Craigslist?
Well...maybe not, a cheap doc may leave my twinky stinky.
I just have to get this "ISSUE" sorted before my old lady decides that she can do it herself in a Safeway bathroom.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

sipping coffee with my old lady...

"Come to the bathroom, let me look at your teeth."

"This is awful...lucky for you I keep dental tool with me."

"Your gonna lose your teeth if you don't take care of this..."

Chip!...she scraped large chunks of dental plaque off my teeth, whatever she did, it made a lot of noise in my head.

My old lady loves me.

glam, no glam to hussle is to hussle

Friday, December 26, 2008

spent christmas with some nice christians

Hi y'all, I spent Christmas with real live Christians!
Makes sense since it is their thing and all.
I went to a small town in Oregon and visited with my girlfriend's family.
O's parent came and got us in this big truck and drove us through crazy weather conditions to the house she grew up in. I really have taken a shine to her whole family.
One of the older ones asked about my religion, I didn't have the time of balls to tell him anything about the raging paganism that has been my personal religion since 4th grade.
Back then both my parents were catholic, I guess it "didn't take" with me because I wasn't buying it. Catholicism didn't have the ring of truth to me. I knew the answer was going to be simple like the morning sun.
I studied Anglo Saxon history as well as Hispanic lore and decided pagan earth religion was the most clear, honest and passive.
I can enjoy anyone gathered to matter what they call it.
Her fam is as charming and wonderful as she.
They were so nice to me I GOT PRESENTS!
I'm older than both her parents and they got me socks, underwear and called us "Kids" it was funny.
I'm so glad to be accepted by nice folks; I think they know that thier daughter is well taken care of and really loved.
Maybe thats my present to them.

After the service we went down stairs and had MARIMBA TIME!!

When it was all done they drove us home, what a great time!

For no reason at all I made it so if you click the above's a video of The Assassination of the Yugoslavian king Alexander.

My bike is in here someplace.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

See I gotziz nice jugs!

I'm out of honey in one location and the rest is at Muddy Waters Coffee House (last I checked 5 left)I sold almost all of three cases.
I got my money back and a little more, now I have to go intersect with some hill folk.
Two nights ago I had a meeting with a friend about Alberta Street and Clown Housing...lets just say he has a BIG interest in the well being of Alberta street.
We talked jello wrestling logistics and political strategy.
I'm gonna have to answer all the complaints of the last Clown House at a town hall fun fun.
This spring expect Clownarchy on Alberta Street.

what a crazy chimp

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"state of emergency" declaired for our county

Just got news off the internet that out county government has decided it's too swamped
to take care of the surrounding municipality's, they have declared a "State of emergency".
I think I may run down the street outside with my hands in the air screaming in panic...well after lunch and a shower.
I was actually already facing some delays in my inter-city travel long before the weather hit; Olive's fault...she won't let go of me in the mornings.
Our courtship wasn't planned at all, we avoided each other until we couldn't stand it anymore. It turned out we each carry traits the other one needs.
We treat each other so well that we have started rationing our time together.
We hang together for a few hours, have a mind blowing good time then break to read alone, visit other people, work on stuff. I like to go out and stalk prey for a few hours while she works out.
Maya and Olive won't let me pay rent so I just fill the house with food, do chores, keep them happy and guard them from danger.
As of now I have a room in a house on Belmont that I never even visit, a house bike, and space in her room.
I have spent most of this storm at Olive's, house...don;t get me wrong...she loves staying half our time in the house bike but not in the really cold weather.
We haven't spent but one or two nights apart for three months, I think both girls will be joining me when I get a new Clown House on Alberta this spring.
I need a place that's more kid friendly, bigger with room for giant prop construction and rehearsal space.
Guess what reaction I want to get from the county on the day after I unleash my rebel clown horde?
"state of emergency"

Click the article title above to see my inspiration for the last and the next Clown House..."And don't forget the Joker"