Tuesday, October 14, 2008

(then the battery died)

Right now I’m sitting pretty…well the ugly side of my house is facing the street and the side with that cool ass graphic is facing the sidewalk, that’s kind of pretty.
The paint is holding up really good in the rain (Thanks “Adapt”!).
“O” is at work, she won’t get out for a bit, I hope she comes and spends the night with me.

We have been alternating between, her place, my place, and sleeping alone so we miss each other we treat each other like gold, I’m so happy.
I love the rain, I’m really glad it’s back, I don’t mind it at all, rain equals more money since coffee shops fill up in bad weather and I need to keep my numbers up to keep the wave going.
I’m at 50th and Hawthorne, I love this spot.
Right at this moment, I’m waiting for my favoright Gyro spot to open (birtha’s) it opens at 8pm.
So while I wait (I’m by the Eagles Lodge on Hawthorne) I thought I would see how long my lap top lasts (battery wise) so far so good, I still need another battery, I got this thing third hand.
People outside my house are arguing with each other, oops now they found me.
The guy is telling his soused, spouse what kind of wood my house is made of (it's made of foam and tape)...
I just know they are gonna knock on my door and say somthing stupid.
The man stuck his face in my open window and drunkenly told me how bad ass I am.
He got mad when I said “I can’t wrap my head around telling you all about my house, goodnight”, I turned to the screen where I was writing the above when he called to his lady "The man can't talk, he is on the internet!"
Now he thinks I’m an ass hole. They always need me to tell about my house, like I’m doing this as a service to folks .
I didn’t move in here to tell folks about it, I moved in because I hated rent.
I hated making other people’s dreams come true with my money, now I have to tell every head that pokes in my window what I’m about,* ick*, it’s like working for free.
That’s what I pay to live free and cheap.
I like the spot I picked, it’s got minimal foot traffic, and all the car traffic is fast and pointed away from me.
(then the battery died)

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